The Importance of Extra Batteries

The whole point of having a portable oxygen concentrator, is to be able to move about wherever you want to go, without having to be plugged into something stationary. What makes this possible is how small and light your concentrator is, and its ability to run on a battery. The only problem with batteries, is eventually they drain and you will need to recharge it from a power source before being 100% mobile again.

You can avoid the hassle of rushing to get to a power source in time to charge your concentrator battery, by having a few extra batteries. All it takes then, is some planning ahead before you leave the house, to have a few batteries charged up and ready to use in your concentrator when the first battery is depleted.

Depending on the portable model, you would either replace the battery, which can be removed from the concentrator, or plug in a new external battery pack. External battery packs are used with the very small portable models. The battery pack is very small and light, and is usually worn on a belt around the waist, so it can be plugged right into the concentrator, which is hanging at your side or on your back.

Removable batteries come with the slightly larger portable concentrators. An external battery charger can be used to charge an extra battery while you are using the another. Before you leave the house, you can also charge the battery inside your concentrator while its plugged into an outlet, and a supplemental battery in an external charger at the same time. This is a big time saver for people who are always on the go.

The amount of extra concentrator batteries you need, and the need for an external charger all depend on how much you need to use oxygen therapy. Your doctor is the one who determines how often you will need to use your oxygen concentrator. If you need constant oxygen, or if you need it for most of the day, you will benefit from getting a portable oxygen concentrator package with extra batteries.

Our travel packages offer the amount of batteries you would need, even if you need constant oxygen and you are planning on taking a 15 hour flight. You always need to contact the airline and get your doctor's okay before traveling by airplane with an oxygen concentrator, but if you have all of your batteries 100% charged when you board your flight, you should have more than enough to get you through your flight. An extra amount is necessary, because you never know when you could experience a delay.

Delays and unexpected snags can happen at any time, even if you are on your way to the grocery store and you find yourself in a traffic jam. Having your extra battery or battery pack charged and ready to go is extremely important.

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