The Difference Between New and Pre-Owned Portable Oxygen Concentrators

If you're shopping for an oxygen concentrator, you need to focus more on getting what you need. Looking for a discount should be secondary. You have to make sure it's going to last, and deliver the oxygen purity and dosage that you need.

That being said, how can you still try to find a good deal? One of the options you have for saving money is purchasing a pre-owned, refurbished portable oxygen concentrator.

Getting a new portable oxygen concentrator is always the best bet. However, a brand new concentrator can be very pricey. So how can you make sure you're getting a good deal while still getting a concentrator that you can depend on?

Here are the main differences between new and pre-owned, refurbished portable oxygen concentrators, and what to look for.

The parts of an oxygen concentrator have a limited lifespan. The compressor should be rebuilt every 5 years, and every 3 months the oxygen output should be tested. The zeolite crystals (the component that filters nitrogen from the air) will last for a total of 20,000 hours (about 10 years).

An oxygen concentrator is considered used, and must be labeled as such, after just 300 hours of use. Even if it's only been used for this amount of time, it must be rebuilt, parts must be replaced, and it must go through the proper testing.

A quality refurbished portable oxygen concentrator will be certified pre-owned. This is the first important thing you should look for. A reputable seller will only sell certified pre-owned, refurbished portable oxygen concentrators, and they will be labeled as such. This means it is up to the highest standards, and it functions the way it's supposed to function as a new portable oxygen concentrator.

The best part, is you can buy a concentrator that is guaranteed to work and will work for years to come, but at a fraction of the price you would have paid for a new one. You just have to make sure you purchase from a reputable seller.

You definitely shouldn't try to bargain shop on sites like Craigslist for a used portable oxygen concentrator. You won't be able to guarantee that it still works correctly. For a medical device that is used to administer medical grade oxygen, there are too many risks that you can't afford to take.

You should also never purchase a used portable oxygen concentrator battery. A battery already has a limited lifespan. After 80 recharges, it will no longer charge up to 100%. Save money by buying a certified pre-owned portable oxygen concentrator, but your batteries should be purchased new.

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