The Best Ways to Get Rid of Your Old Oxygen Concentrator

So you have an old oxygen concentrator and you're ready to upgrade to a new one. This is a great idea, even though your old concentrator might be working fine for you, there are many good reasons to get a new one such as...

… a higher energy efficiency, which means a much lower electric bill.
… more space in your home, since new oxygen concentrators tend to be smaller.
… a better nice rest, or family members who aren't disturbed by the louder hum from older oxygen concentrators.

You may even be able to go ahead and get a portable oxygen concentrator, which you can use at home as well as on trips, due to the adaptability of being charged while it's running from an outlet. This depends on how much continuous flow you need to meet your oxygen therapy needs.

Recycle or Re-Purpose Your Old Concentrator!

Before having your our old oxygen concentrator hauled off to the dump, here are some much more economically and environmentally sound ways to get rid of your old oxygen concentrator, batteries, or parts.

You can try calling the retailer you bought the oxygen concentrator from, or the manufacturer of the concentrator, and ask them if they refurbish them for others to use. Your old oxygen concentrator could be fixed up and used by a medical facility or an individual who cannot afford to buy a brand new one. This is something many people do, since a used oxygen concentrator might be all someone needs, and they are able to save a lot of money by purchasing one.

If your oxygen concentrator is too old or out of date for a retailer or manufacturer to refurbish, you still might able to find a new life for it, even if it is used as something else. Even the most worn out oxygen concentrator will produce enough oxygen to assist a lamp glass maker in heating up a torch for glass working. Your old oxygen concentrator could be used to make art! Put it up on a buy sell trade website and see if you get any takers.

How to Recycle Portable Oxygen Concentrator Batteries

The lithium ion batteries that come with today's portable oxygen concentrators are known for making life much more fun-filled and convenient. You can expect these batteries to last for an average of 3 years before they begin to lose their charge too quickly to be of much use.

So how do you safely recycle a battery like this? The best way to do this would be to take your old portable oxygen concentrator batteries to your nearest Call 2 Recycle drop off location. Call 2 Recycle is an organization that collects old cell phones and rechargeable batteries to recycle. You don't have to pay anything, you just find your nearest drop off point via their drop off locator page ( ) and type in your location. It's likely that you don't have one far from where you live.

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