Taking Your Oxygen Therapy to the Golf Course – Golfing with Oxygen

Portable oxygen concentrators make it much easier for you to go just about anywhere while still using your oxygen therapy, and golfing with an mobile concentrator is no different. You need more oxygen while you're golfing because you're exerting energy. You're using extra muscle movement to swing, and to walk around.

More oxygen is required by our muscles when we do a lot of moving around, and that's why portable oxygen concentrators are equipped with an oxygen conservation feature. Naturally, if you're using a concentrator, you're most likely moving around from place to place. The concentrator will keep giving you the same dosage, even as your breath rate goes up, which happens when you're exerting energy.

There are some portable units that would work better for you on the golf course, or anywhere you would have to do a lot of moving around. These portable oxygen concentrators are lighter and have a longer battery life than others.

Ultimately, which portable machine you can purchase depends on your oxygen dosage requirements that were prescribed by your doctor. As long as the portable oxygen concentrator you choose meets this requirement, you can get choosey with battery duration and size and weight.

The lightest continuous flow units, which would be the easiest to carry around the golf course, are the Sequal Equinox, which is 12.8 lbs and offers up to as much as 3 LPM continuous flow, as well as pulse dose settings, and the Sequal Eclipse 3 or 5.

Even if you prefer to carry them around with the mobile cart, it will still be easy because of their small size and weight, as well as the maneuverability of the carts. You'll even find it easy to push the telescoping handle down, to bring it onto the golf cart with you, or use it while sitting in the front seat of a car.

The battery life of the Equinox depends on the battery size you get. If you get the 24 cell, which is the better choice if you want to spend all day on the golf course, you'll enjoy 4.4 hours of battery life on the lowest continuous flow setting, and 3.5 hours on the highest pulse dose setting. Bringing a fully charged back-up battery will be necessary if you'll need to use your oxygen therapy for longer than what one battery can offer.

Of course, if you need a lower dose of pulse dose oxygen, you have the options of the AirSep Focus, Freestyle or Freestyle 5, which are very small, and come with the option of using a supplemental battery.

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