Winter Season

  • COPD and Cold Weather: How to Prepare Yourself for the Winter

    If you have chronic pulmonary obstructive disease (COPD), you might have noticed that your breathing often gets difficult when you go out into cold weather. This is no coincidence. There is evidence that cold weather affects the respiratory system in numerous ways, and people with respiratory illnesses such as COPD and asthma are more likely to be affected.

    In this blog post, we will discuss the normal environment of your lungs and upper airways, how cold weather affects your lungs, and how to prepare yourself to prevent weather-induced COPD exacerbations or infections.

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  • Winter Driving Safety Tips for Those With COPD

    Winter can be a dangerous time for everyone. If you hit a patch of ice and slide off the road, or if your car breaks down, things can quickly get perilous because of the cold temperatures.

    For those with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, it can be even more dangerous. However, there are some precautions you can take for winter driving safety.

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  • What Oxygen Concentrators Work Best During Cold Weather?

    We recently received a question about which portable oxygen concentrators work best in frigid weather:

    "My husband and I are new to this oxygen stuff, the doctor just prescribed it. He is only 49 years old, so you can imagine there is still plenty to do, no sedentary lifestyle here! He feels quite tethered to the bed, let alone the house! So we are looking into renting or purchasing a portable oxygen concentrator unit. He likes the very small inconspicuous one, AirSep Focus & I thought the Respironics Simply Go would be more practical, battery duration & all.

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  • 10 Fun Hobbies to Keep You Busy During the Cold Months

    It's bleak and cold, and the days are short. There's a good chance that you're stuck inside right now, when you'd rather be outside gardening or just enjoying some fresh air and sunshine. Boredom and cabin fever can set in during the coldest months, but you don't need to resign yourself to watching television or playing games on the computer all day.

    Winter can actually be a great time to take up a number of new hobbies, that you wouldn't have the time or patience to do during the warmer months of the year. You might even start to enjoy the fact that you have to stay indoors! Here are some of the best indoor cold weather activities that will help you keep the doldrums from setting in.

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  • Warm Winter Vacation Spots for Seniors

    When winter chills arrive, so do thoughts of warmer climates. Fortunately, there are many warm winter vacation destinations that are senior-friendly, not only because they are affordable and easy to get to, but also because they offer a variety of attractions, outdoor activities and opportunities for relaxation. Here are a few of our favorites.

    Palm Springs, California
    Once the top winter weekend getaway spot for Hollywood stars, Palm Springs still retains a glamorous air. Whether you enjoy playing golf, relaxing by the pool, shopping or hiking, Palm Springs is a relaxing, senior-friendly vacation destination. Winters in Palm Springs are warm and dry, with average January daytime temperatures of 71 degrees. You can stay at an upscale resort or historic inn, find a moderately-priced hotel room, relax at a B&B or rent a vacation condominium.

    If you stay on or near Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs' iconic main street, you can easily sight-see, dine and shop without a car. To explore Palm Canyon, ride the historic Palm Springs Aerial Tramway or get to Palm Desert or another Coachella Valley community, you'll want your own vehicle.

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  • Staying Safe and Healthy in Frigid Cold Weather

    The middle of winter can be just as dangerous as the middle of summer, with the extremes in temperature that can occur during these times of year. Dangerous cold weather can be rough for anyone of any age and for those who are young and healthy, but can be even more so for the elderly, and for those who have chronic diseases. It's important to know what to do when the frigid weather moves in and to have a plan.

    Not only can you start to become ill during very cold weather, but there is also a danger of slipping on ice if you go outside, or if the power goes out due to wind or ice, you will be in real danger of hypothermia.

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  • Should You Go South for the Winter?

    It's true that certain weather conditions have different effects on certain people. Some people thrive during warm weather, while others have trouble. Some find that they do well when it's humid and others can breathe easier when it's nice and dry. If you find that your breathing and overall health are on the rise during the summer months and early fall, then you may want to consider living where it's warming during the winter.

    Of course, this isn't always possible – you might have obligations, family that you want to be near, or maybe it's just not in the budget. If you possibly can escape to warmer weather for half of the year, you might end up saving yourself a lot of money in the long run in medical bills.

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  • New Year/New Resolutions for Oxygen Users

    We made it through the Holidays and, now, it’s that time of year again; the time when we all vow to do right by ourselves with more exercise and a more nutrient-dense, low-fat diet. For the most part, this should be pretty simple: eat less, exercise more.

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