Spring Season

  • Protect Yourself This Spring from Allergies and COPD Flareups

    Unfortunately, when the weather starts to warm up, many of us can't celebrate the way others normally do. Those with allergies can feel the onset of spring right in their sinuses, and that can be very bad news for oxygen therapy patients who also suffer from spring allergies. However, there are plenty of ways to protect yourself this spring, so you won't need to suffer or risk your allergies turning into something much worse.

    Allergic rhinitis, or the allergy symptoms effecting the nose, can make a very negative impact on the lungs and the rest of the pulmonary tract. Those with asthma or COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) who also have allergies, can attest that whenever their allergies start to rear its ugly head in the spring time, they can also feel their lungs becoming more irritated.

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  • All About Spring Allergies and Ways to Prevent Them

    With spring on its way and cold and flu season on its way out, you might still have plenty to deal with in preventing breathing problems. The Food and Drug Administration estimates that 36 million people in the United States suffer with hay fever – AKA allergic rhinitis – which can put a major damper on the onset of nice weather. We might be looking forward to more sun and the blooming of the trees and flowers, but must we suffer along with it?

    If you have COPD or another chronic lung condition, allergy season can actually be dangerous for you if you them. The symptoms of allergies can send you into an exacerbation, caused by drainage from your sinuses down into your lungs. Extra mucus and inflammation occurs, and your doctor may find it necessary to increase the dosage on your medication or prescribed oxygen.

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