Special Forces

  • Oxygen Therapy Equipment and the Special Forces

    Portable oxygen concentrator use might be a new thing in the military and in the special forces specifically. Emergency oxygen use often becomes necessary due to injury, or when climbing into high altitudes to avoid altitude sickness. Having a portable oxygen concentrator on hand for emergencies is a necessity in the military, because anything can happen.

    Liquid and gas tanks are widely used for portable emergency oxygen therapy because they are cheaper than portable oxygen concentrators. This is because they are simply tanks refilled with either compressed oxygen, which is still in its gaseous form, and liquid oxygen.

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  • Military Usage of Oxygen Concentrators

    Oxygen therapy has been used to help treat a number of illnesses and injuries, not just chronic lung diseases and cardiovascular diseases. It's no surprise that oxygen therapy in the form of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and the kind used to treat COPD are widely used by the military and medical professionals to treat soldiers, as well as veterans who need medical assistance.

    For example, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is being used to treat the most common injury known to military professions – Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Brain trauma is one of the worst types of injury, because it will negatively effect every part of the body, and every part of your daily life. This type of injury is so common in the military, because of the explosive devices that they have to deal with. Brain injuries like these are also called post-concussive injuries (from the concussion caused by explosives, and often go hand in hand with another common problem among soldiers and vets – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

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