SeQual eQuinox

  • Overview of the SeQual eQuinox Concentrator Rental

    If you have high supplemental oxygen requirements, you may think a portable oxygen concentrator can’t meet your needs. That simply isn’t true. The SeQual eQuinox rental concentrator is the perfect option for anyone who wants true portability but needs greater amounts of oxygen than traditional portable oxygen concentrator units can provide.

    Weighing less than 13 pounds, the eQuinox also includes a telescoping wheeled cart for exceptionally easy movement. But don’t let its small size fool you. The eQuinox can deliver more oxygen than any other portable concentrator in its weight class. In fact, it provides up to 3 liters per minute continuous flow or up to 192 mL in pulse doses with 3 settings you can choose from.

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  • Setting Up Your SeQual eQuinox Concentrator

    The SeQual eQuinox can be powered with AC or DC supply or with an external battery. The battery can be charged while using either AC or DC power, and it continuously charges while plugged in. The eQuinox also automatically changes to battery power when the unit is disconnected from an AC or DC power supply.

    To begin charging the unit, plug the AC power supply cord into the recessed external connector. Plug the other end of the cable into the recessed connector on the side of the Sequal eQuinox unit. Then plug the connector into an AC outlet. A green indicator on the power supply and the external power indicator on the control panel will light up.

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  • What do a “Mini Cooper” and a SeQual eQuinox have in common?

    In April 2015, Cooper Anglemyer appeared in the American Medical Showroom with his mother looking for a portable oxygen concentrator. Cooper was born at 26 weeks, weighing only one pound, eight ounces, he quickly earned the nickname "Mini Cooper."

    His first six months were spent in neonatal intensive care, where hospital expenses quickly reached the two million dollar insurance coverage maximum. When his medical insurance no longer provided coverage, Medicaid covered his final two months before he could finally go home. Cooper is now 6 ½ years old and requires supplemental oxygen therapy 24/7.

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  • Smallest Continuous Flow Portable Oxygen Concentrator

    In the world of portable oxygen concentrators, smaller is always better. The smallest continuous flow portable oxygen concentrator is the SeQual eQuinox. It has all the same settings and features as the Sequal Eclipse, but weighs 3 pounds less and is 5 inches shorter.

    Its small size, but still having the capacity to put out up to 3 LPM (liters per minute) of continuous flow oxygen, makes it remarkable. It's the smallest continuous flow portable oxygen concentrator currently on the market. It's also proof of the swift advancements of medical technology, that can be enjoyed by patients outside of a clinical setting.

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  • Financing the SeQual eQuinox Oxygen Concentrator

    The SeQual Equinox is the newest portable oxygen concentrator from SeQual, the brand that brought you the popular Eclipse series. The eQuinox is in a league all its own, and features the newest and best technology that can be found in portable oxygen concentrators. It's now the smallest portable model to offer both continuous flow and pulse dose oxygen, but that's not all that's notable about.

    It's the portable concentrator with an audible voice alarm system. It will talk to you, in 8 different languages, to tell you what's wrong, if something needs attention, such as when there is low power, or if the oxygen flow is too low. You can react quicker, because you instantly know what is wrong without even having to look at the concentrator.

    Another great feature is the AutoSAT technology and pulse dose sensitivity settings. This makes sure you are getting the puff of oxygen exactly when you need it. No waste of power or oxygen, and maximum oxygen saturation for you.

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  • An In-Depth Look at the SeQual eQuinox Portable Concentrator

    The newest offering in SeQual's product line, eQuinox is designed to combine plenty of power in a comfortable package. Though sizable for a portable unit, its design and features more than offset its size, making it an excellent investment for anyone that requires an easy-to-transport, flexible solution for oxygen therapy.

    Located in the upper bracket of portable oxygen concentrators when it comes to size, the SeQual eQuinox mobile unit is nonetheless still well below the size and bulk of full-sized home concentrators. It comes with both a battery pack and AC power cord to facilitate use both at home and on the go.

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  • Servicing and Maintenance for the SeQual eQuinox

    The Equinox is one of the newest and most exciting portable oxygen concentrators to be released by Sequal, the same brand that created the wonderful Eclipse series. Who knew they could improve on something like the Eclipse? The Equinox has the same wide range of oxygen settings as the Eclipse, with more features you've never seen before, and at just 14 lbs!

    Your Equinox will keep working at peak performance and continue delivering the same high purity of oxygen, but you will need to do a few things periodically to keep it running smoothly. The Equinox is a robust machine, but just like with any other oxygen concentrator, or any other high tech electronic machine, it needs to be serviced and maintained.

    You'll be able to find instructions for taking care of your Equinox in the owner's manual when you purchase it, but if you were wondering, here are the few and basic things you would need to do to take care of your SeQual Equinox.

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  • SeQual Equinox Customer Reviews and Thoughts

    Have you heard that the Equinox is one of the best portable oxygen concentrators around these days? The SeQual Equinox is the newest and most exciting release from SeQual, the brand that brought you the innovative and amazing Eclipse series. The Equinox really is unique and a big step forward in portable oxygen concentrators, and these recent customers are very pleased with them!

    We love hearing from our customers for follow-ups on their purchases, so we can give prospective customers a better idea of how the oxygen concentrators will help them. If you're wondering if the Equinox is right for you, check out these reviews on this great new portable oxygen concentrator.

    “The Equinox went above and beyond what I was expecting. It's so quiet and small and just seems to run so much more smoothly than my old portable concentrator. It used to bother me when I took my old concentrator out with me in public because it was so loud and sounded just old and like an ugly piece of machinery, plus it was bigger and didn't look as nice. I love the futuristic look of the Equinox, even though that might sound a little silly! I love taking it with me anywhere now, it just makes getting my oxygen therapy seem so much more effortless.” - Jose D.

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  • Introducing the SeQual Equinox

    Medical technology is always advancing, and that's great news for anyone, including those who need oxygen therapy to help them meet their body's oxygen needs. It used to be that many people had to use tanks only, because portable oxygen concentrators could not deliver enough oxygen, or they had to resort to just using stationary models.

    Tanks have to be refilled, and stationary concentrators were too big to be carried around. Portable concentrators are getting smaller, with even more features and high oxygen settings.

    Now, the 3 LPM (liters per minute) portable oxygen concentrator is even smaller and lighter than before! The new SeQual Equinox is out, and it's breaking the mold for 3 LPM portable oxygen concentrators. Its brand predecessor, the popular and powerful SeQual Eclipse 5, is 18.4 lbs total with the battery, has the same pulse dose and continuous flow settings, and is over 4 lbs heavier. The amazing Equinox has all of the same features, with even more to offer.

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  • SeQual Equinox Offers More Freedom to Continuous Flow Oxygen Patients

    You will soon be able to take advantage of these technological advances with one of the newest continuous flow oxygen concentrator – the Sequal Equinox!

    This comes from the makers of our customer favorites in the smallest portable models in the industry – AirSep, as well as the maker of one of the best continuous flow concentrators, Sequal (makers of the popular Eclipse series). They combined the best of both worlds in the Sequal Equinox. It weighs just 14 lbs (with the battery) and features continuous flow settings up to 3 LPM (liters per minute), as well as pulse dose settings as high as 6.

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