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  • Traveling to the National Parks With Oxygen

    One of the best ways to celebrate America is by taking in the fantastic sights at its National Parks. But for those that require oxygen, visiting these prized locations may have just been unobtainable. Now, with portable oxygen concentrators, oxygen therapy users can visit any of the National Parks across the nation.

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  • Traveling With COPD: Tips on How to Travel Safely

    Whether you are traveling to your local market or clear across the other side of the world, having chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) means you need to take some additional steps to travel safely. While taking these steps can be challenging to cope with at first, having COPD, by no means, should stop you from traveling safely and with peace of mind. Once you get into a routine with the supplies and equipment, you will need to take while traveling, doing so will become second nature.

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  • 10 Tips for Seniors Traveling Abroad

    Traveling abroad can be the adventure of a lifetime, and allows you to experience new places and cultures. However, some seniors may have health problems, and they may find themselves in a health-related emergency. While traveling abroad can be worrisome due to health concerns, seniors can take certain precautions to prevent crises that may occur during their vacations.

    Regardless of your destination, there are several steps you can take to have an enjoyable and memorable trip overseas. Here are 10 important international travel tips.

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  • Travel Tips for Seniors on a Budget

    Many seniors and retirees are eager to see the world, but they are also very aware of the value of money and have limited income with a tight budget. Traveling on a budget can be daunting, but with careful planning and savvy solutions, you can still have an incredible vacation without breaking the bank.

    To help we’ve compiled tips for seniors and retirees save money and get the most out of their next vacation.
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  • International Usage of Oxygen Concentrators

    When traveling outside the USA, there are some important considerations when using an oxygen concentrator. The most important factor is the electrical supply, which differs widely in both quality and quantity; though there are some possible other considerations to consider.

    In the United States electrical current is standardized around 120 Volts AC (VAC), at 50 Hertz in either the NEMA 1-15 (Ungrounded) or NEMA 5-15 (Grounded) formats. This standard is used in several other countries as well. However, confusion and problems can arise from the exact same plug format being used in other countries with vastly different power standards.

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  • 2017 Senior Vacation Destination Getaways for Phoenix

    Phoenix is an exciting destination to visit for senior travelers. With its warm weather, bright sunshine, amazing desert scenery and sightseeing destinations Phoenix provides you with the perfect setting for taking along your portable oxygen concentrator. If you want to get the most out of your vacation in Phoenix, make sure you stop by the following hotspots.

    For breathtaking views, drive up to Dobbins Point on South Mountain. As the largest municipal park in the United States, Dobbins Point offers a majestic panorama over the Phoenix Valley. You can go during the day and enjoy a picnic, or go in the evening for a sunset viewing you’ll never forget. Keep in mind that the road to the top of South Mountain is windy. Hiring a driver might be a good option if you tend to get nervous behind the wheel.

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  • Senior Vacation Destination Ideas in Miami

    Miami offers the ideal climate and plenty of sightseeing for senior travelers. With Miami’s flat sea-level location, you’ll find plenty of sites and entertainment perfect for taking along your portable oxygen concentrator. Let’s take a look at hotspots and fun you don’t want to miss in Miami.

    First, head to South Beach, the heart of Miami, with its Art Deco style. Stay in one of many hotels of that era. Check out the famous Raleigh Hotel, with it’s curvy pool, named the most beautiful in America by Life Magazine in 1947. Do you love old Esther Williams movies? Many of them were filmed here! The Delano was Miami Beach’s tallest building when constructed in 1947. It’s still one of Miami’s hotspots, and ranked by the American Institute of Architects as one of the association’s favorites. The Clevelander is located in central South Beach and recently underwent an intensive, expensive overhaul. Park Central is a Deco hotel marked by a gorgeous, brightly lit lobby, just a few steps from Ocean Drive’s nightlife scene. It has a wonderful rooftop terrace, plus a pool located in front of the hotel, in true Art Deco style.

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  • Senior Vacation Destination Ideas in San Diego

    Once you’ve purchased or rented a portable oxygen concentrator unit, you can look forward to travel with a lightweight, maneuverable machine! Let’s take a look at attractions in San Diego, California perfect for seniors traveling with oxygen.

    First stop, Balboa Park. Built in 1916 for the Panama-California Expo, this 1200 acre park features gorgeous Spanish Colonial Revival architecture and many art museums and galleries. Be sure not to miss the Spanish Village Art Center, San Diego Model Railroad Museum, the Veterans Museum, and the Japanese Friendship Garden.

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  • Start Planning Summer Travel Early

    It's never too early to start planning your summer vacation, in fact, early winter is the perfect time to start planning. After all, the best vacations are a result of lots of planning ahead. The little details that you might overlook if you were in a rush are usually the details that make the best memories.

    Decide on Where to Go

    If you don't already know where you want to go, you can make a list of summer vacation destinations to choose from. Talk to the person or people you'll be traveling with, so you can narrow down which places you all agree on.

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  • Top 10 U.S. Summer Destinations for Seniors in 2015

    Getting out and seeing new a place is a great thing to do no matter how old you are. As we get older, we can find ourselves needing different kinds of fun, whether it's laid back and indoors, or more exciting in the outdoors. Seeing the sights and going to the places you've always wanted to go are important, because you only live once.

    If you want to travel but you're not sure where to go, we've compiled the top 10 U.S. Travel destinations for seniors. These locations are widely varied to cater to many different tastes, and you won't break the bank paying for these trips! Life is meant to be enjoyed, and the world is meant to be explored.

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