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  • Using a Service Dogs while on Oxygen

    Having COPD can make life more challenging, even when it comes to everyday things and small tasks. If you need a little bit of help throughout the day, you might want to consider getting a service dog. They aren't just for the blind, even though that's what they're most commonly used for, and they are called "seeing eye dogs" to distinguish them from other types of service dogs for those with other medical needs and disabilities.

    Of course, you'll need to talk to your doctor and do some of your research before making a serious decision about getting a service dog.

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  • The Benefits of AARP on Oxygen Concentrators

    If you are over the age of 50, it might be worth it to you to become an AARP member (American Association of Retired Persons). They offer healthcare benefits, auto insurance, travel benefits, as well as other discounts that help retired and elderly citizens of the US.

    If you need an oxygen concentrator, you can get a discount in our store if you are an AARP member. In addition to our already incredibly low prices on new oxygen concentrators and accessories, you can get even more shaved off of the price by signing up with AARP.

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  • Tips for Bathing While Using an Oxygen Concentrator

    If you need to use your oxygen concentrator for many hours each day, you might find that you'll need to be able to take a shower or bathe yourself while using it. Even though your oxygen concentrator cannot get wet or be around a lot of moisture in the air, you can still enjoy a nice shower or bath while getting your oxygen therapy.

    Here are some tips for taking a shower safely while using your oxygen concentrator, as well as somethings you will need to have in your bathroom to make it much easier.

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  • Top 10 U.S. Summer Destinations for Seniors in 2015

    Getting out and seeing new a place is a great thing to do no matter how old you are. As we get older, we can find ourselves needing different kinds of fun, whether it's laid back and indoors, or more exciting in the outdoors. Seeing the sights and going to the places you've always wanted to go are important, because you only live once.

    If you want to travel but you're not sure where to go, we've compiled the top 10 U.S. Travel destinations for seniors. These locations are widely varied to cater to many different tastes, and you won't break the bank paying for these trips! Life is meant to be enjoyed, and the world is meant to be explored.

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  • Tips for Patients when Seeing a New Doctor or Physician

    In your pursuit of receiving good health care, one of the first and most important things you should do is find a great doctor. Once you've chosen a doctor, it's time to set up the first appointment. This first appointment is very important because even though you've decided on a doctor, your decision isn't over yet.

    There are important questions that need to be asked, and things to look for to make sure your new doctor will work well with you in managing your healthcare. Think about this first appointment as a job interview, and you are the employer, the only difference being that your well being is what is most important. Even though your doctor is a professional, he or she is not the one in charge of managing your healthcare, you are. Alternatively, think of them as a guide, information source and partner in maintaining your well being.

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  • 4 Steps for Taking Control of Your Health Care

    Your doctor and your health insurance company are not the people in charge of your healthcare. In reality they are only there to help you receive the important medical care and medical supplies you need. The real master of your health and well-being, is you. With the recent decline in health care coverage and the increase in costs, it has become incredibly important for all of us to be more proactive with our healthcare, and not just a helpless bystander. Below are some simply steps to help you be more proactive about controlling your healthcare.

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  • How Many Americans are Using Portable Oxygen?

    When you step out while using your portable oxygen therapy, whether you are using a portable oxygen concentrator or oxygen tanks, you might feel a little self conscious because you're the only one in a group of people who has one. It's normal to feel this way, even though you shouldn't let it bother you. You might feel like the odd one out, but it would surprise you how many other people use portable oxygen in the United States.

    Severe Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is just one of a few different diseases that would call for the need for oxygen therapy on a normal basis. Under COPD falls chronic bronchitis and emphysema, which are most commonly caused by smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products.

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  • Finding a New Doctor When the One You Have Isn't Right for You

    Sometimes it becomes necessary to find a new specialist or primary care physician, because they just aren't doing the job that they should be. Sometimes it's because of a major misdiagnosis that lead to problems, or a number of issues that have been mounting over time, and you've decided it's time to find a new doctor. It's important to know when you should leave, and how you should go about finding a new doctor that will meet your needs.

    Signs You Should Switch Doctors

    If you feel like your doctor isn't listening to you, this is a major problem. There might be a case where you notice something going on with yourself, and you bring it up to your doctor, and they just seem to brush it off.

    This isn't how doctors should respond to any of your concerns, because who else knows how you feel better than you do? Important tests and screenings can be ran if the patient speaks up about a symptom that isn't apparent to your doctor at first glance.

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  • 10 Fun Hobbies to Keep You Busy During the Cold Months

    It's bleak and cold, and the days are short. There's a good chance that you're stuck inside right now, when you'd rather be outside gardening or just enjoying some fresh air and sunshine. Boredom and cabin fever can set in during the coldest months, but you don't need to resign yourself to watching television or playing games on the computer all day.

    Winter can actually be a great time to take up a number of new hobbies, that you wouldn't have the time or patience to do during the warmer months of the year. You might even start to enjoy the fact that you have to stay indoors! Here are some of the best indoor cold weather activities that will help you keep the doldrums from setting in.

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  • Ways to Deal With Holiday Stress

    We all know how damaging stress can be on your overall health. It affects your heart, does a number on your immune system, making you much more susceptible to getting sick, and even causes memory loss. Those are things you definitely don't need, at any time of the year! The holidays can be hard on people, because there are just so many things expected of us. Our obligations to family and friends shouldn't make us feel stressed and overwhelmed, but it can happen anyway.

    You might have holiday parties to go to, lots of presents to buy, and things to cook and bake and decorate. You might certainly want to do these things, but you're pressed for time. And then there's the snow and cold weather adding to the stress of going shopping, standing in line and making your way through the crowded malls and stores to try to get the discounts on the presents you want to buy. All of this on top of a bigger heating bill and other usual bills.

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