• Respirionics Homelox Golox Reviews

    This machine is not an oxygen concentrator, but it does create it's own liquid oxygen, making it a huge convenience and a great investment, for those who need a high flow of oxygen on a regular basis. Instead of having to order liquid oxygen and worry about refilling tanks, you can just make it in your own home.

    The Homelox is the large, 100 lb machine that generates its own stores of liquid oxygen, and the Golox is the 4 pound “tank” that you bring with you wherever you need to go to use your oxygen. You can bypass all of the problems that come along with using liquid oxygen, and it can hold 0.9 lbs of liquid oxygen, which is the gaseous equivalent to 308 liters. Many of our customers who have let us know how pleased they are with the Homelox system.

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  • Reviews of Respironics Oxygen Products

    Respirionics is one of the leading brands in oxygen concentrators, CPAP machines and accessories, and they manufacture some of our customer favorites. If you are an active or traveling patient with COPD who needs oxygen therapy, you will be happy to know that we carry two Respirionics portable oxygen concentrators for rent! They are the EverGo and SimplyGo models.

    The EverGo and the SimplyGo

    These are two great models, and you can take them with you wherever you go, as long as you can charge the batteries periodically, and have access to a power supply.

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