Respironics SimplyFlo

  • Inogen 5L at Home vs. Respironics SimplyFlo Concentrator Comparison

    Whether you’re recovering from a sickness, a recent surgery, or you have Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), an oxygen concentrator “delivers an extra supply of oxygen into the body”, which can help with shortness of breath and other COPD symptoms.

    If you’re in need of oxygen at all times or while you’re sleeping, a stationary oxygen concentrator might be a good fit for your at-home needs. However, with so many oxygen concentrators on the market today, which one is best for you? Even though options might make the buying decision hard, Oxygen Concentrator Store offers a variety of oxygen machines to ensure you’re matched with the perfect oxygen product.

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  • Respironics SimplyFlo Brochure and Product Literature

    The Respironics SimplyFlo is a powerful and efficient home oxygen concentrator that allows you to give up the oxygen tanks. Free up your life and go with the flow with this stationary oxygen concentrator.

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  • The New Breed of Lightweight and Energy Efficient Home Concentrators

    Smaller and more compact seems to be the mantra of modern technology. There are smaller and more efficient versions of phones and computers coming out all the time. The more streamlined, the better, and the less energy used, the better. Technology in home oxygen concentrators is no different. There are two examples of how home oxygen concentrators can be smaller, offer powerful medical grade oxygen, all while using less electricity than older models.

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  • Getting Financed for the Respironics SimplyFlo

    The SimplyGo holds court as the smallest and lightest stationary oxygen concentrator on the market today. It's stationary because it can only run on AC power and does not take batteries, but it is the size and weight of many of the mid-sized portable models! It has 1 and 2 LPM (liters per minute) continuous flow settings and is very portable and energy efficient.

    Why would an oxygen therapy patient want the SimplyFlo?

    First, you have to make sure it will cover your oxygen therapy needs. If you need more than 2 LPM of continuous flow oxygen, then the SimplyFlo is not for you. If you are prescribed 1 LPM or 2 LPM, then it will meet your oxygen needs.

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  • An In-Depth Look at the Respironics SimplyFlo Home Concentrator

    Philips' Respironics SimplyFlo Home Concentrator is the most compact and lightweight stationary oxygen concentrator available on the market. With a 2 liter per minute (LPM) continuous flow supply of oxygen, fewer than 9 pounds (4.1 kilograms) of weight, and very small dimensions, it is perfect for a patient who travels frequently or wants to maintain an active lifestyle without compromising his or her oxygen therapy.

    It represents the middle ground between full-size home oxygen concentrators and fully portable ones. It has much smaller dimensions and weight than the former, but unlike the latter, it still requires an external power source to work. As the manufacturer states, it is best suited for overnight use as an alternative to the large, intimidating oxygen concentrators that cause many patients to reject oxygen therapy.

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  • Is the SimplyFlo Home Oxygen Concentrator Right for You?

    You might not realize that there is an oxygen concentrator out there that is a better match for you than the one you have now, simply because you haven't heard of it yet. The Respironics SimplyFlo is one of the newest and unique oxygen concentrators on the market at the moment, and this might be the oxygen concentrator you've been waiting for.

    Just like any other oxygen concentrator, you can't just buy it without considering both your lifestyle needs and your oxygen needs. Here are a few reasons why the SimplyFlo might be right for, and reasons you might want to stick with something else.

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  • Meet the Respironics SimplyFlo!

    Why You'll Love the SimplyFlo

    We know that technology is always advancing, and this is definitely to the advantage of people who use oxygen concentrators to help make sure they are getting the right amount of oxygen throughout their bodies. If you already have one of the smallest home oxygen concentrators in the market, such as the Respirionics EverFlo Q, or the AirSep Visionaire, you'll be amazed to see one of the newest stationary home concentrators that is even smaller.

    Meet the Respironics SimplyFlo!

    At first glance, you might mistake it for a portable oxygen concentrator because of how small and light it is. It resembles the Respirionics EverGo or the SimplyGo in stature and weight, but it can provide up to 2 LPM of continuous flow and requires no batteries. This is a great solution for those active patients who require the right amount of continuous oxygen flow at night, since it needs to be plugged in to work and doesn't run on a battery.

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