Pulse Oximeter

  • What is a Pulse Oximeter?

    A pulse oximeter is a small and lightweight device that attaches to a fingertip to painlessly measure the level of oxygen in your body. The oximeter can measure two things: your pulse rate and the level of oxygen in your blood. Both of these numbers are necessary to asses your current levels and health.

    It’s important to note that the information a pulse oximeter can provide is limited. As we mentioned above an oximeter only measures your pulse and blood-oxygen levels. An oximeter will not measure the CO2, or carbon dioxide, levels in your blood stream. A pulse oximeter is not a replacement for more extensive and involved tests to be completed by your doctor. If you are ever in a situation where you are concerned about your oxygen levels, we suggest consulting your doctor immediately.

    Pulse Oximeter's are discreet, small, and easily transportable! Typically Oximeter's weigh just a few ounces and are thinner than most wallets! Read on to learn more!

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  • The Importance of Keeping a Pulse Oximeter With You at All Times

    A pulse oximeter is a very simple yet important piece of medical equipment. It checks to see if your blood oxygen level is within a healthy range. When your oxygen level is below this range, it is referred to as hypoxemia.

    When your blood oxygen level falls below the normal range, your lungs begin to narrow, actually restricting blood flow through the lungs. While this is occurring, a significant amount of stress is placed on the heart, as it is forced into working much harder to try and get blood to the lungs to oxygenate the body.

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  • Reviews on Our Pulse Oximeters

    If there's one accessory that is both overlooked and important, it's the home finger pulse oximeter. We currently offer two pulse oximeters on our website – the Nonin 9550 Pulse Oximeter and the Roscoe Medical Finger Pulse Oximeter. Whichever one you choose, you will easily be able to check your blood oxygen level at any time. This ensures your safety, because it can be one of the earliest indicators of an oncoming exacerbation.

    We wanted to know what our customers thought about their pulse oximeters, and how well they have worked for them thus far. If you're not sure whether or not you should go ahead and buy one yourself, you might want to read these reviews. You can get an idea of the details of the functions, and how people have been using them in day to day life. We specifically wanted to know if our customers would recommend these pulse oximeters.

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  • A Warning About Pulse Oximeters – Should You Buy It?

    A pulse oximeter is a device that will give you a reading of your blood oxygen level, without needing to draw blood or do any other sort of testing. Most pulse oximeters work quickly and hug your index finger for a few seconds to give you a reading. For someone with COPD, who will likely have a low blood oxygen level, having one of these at your disposal can mean the difference of you only needing to visit the doctor, or a trip to the emergency room.

    A low blood oxygen reading can be a warning sign of an oncoming COPD exacerbation. An exacerbation can be very dangerous, lead to admittance into the hospital, worsening of your condition in general and even death in a severe case of COPD. Taking a reading of your blood oxygen level every day can help prevent this from happening.

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  • This Ol’ Heart of Mine

    February is the month of Valentines, cupid and big, red hearts.  What would February be without them all?  Especially hearts!  For those of us using supplemental oxygen, we know that our hearts pump our blood, which carries oxygen to all of our vital organs.  We can easily keep track of our blood oxygen levels by using a portable finger pulse oximeter.

    The technology behind a pulse oximeter is fairly simple: light waves read the amount of oxygen in our blood and that number is given a numerical value, based on a percentage.  It’s really that easy.

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