Product Troubleshooting

  • Oxygen Troubleshooting – Why Would an Oxygen Concentrator Stop Working

    Just like any other piece of electrical equipment, an oxygen concentrator can stop working due to technical issues or after it's gotten over a certain age. You might also have instances where it can malfunction due to an outside influence, with no problems in the concentrator itself.

    If an oxygen concentrator is not providing oxygen, it could be due to several different reasons. The system in an oxygen concentrator is made up of a few intricate parts that all work together to purify and deliver medical-grade oxygen, so you can breathe it in.

    However, before you call a maintenance technician, you can do some troubleshooting on your own to see if you can fix the problem yourself. Sometimes, the cause of a big problem can be a small and easy fix.

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  • CPAP Troubleshooting – Fixing a Leak in a CPAP Mask

    "Why CPAP mask leaks?", "How to get correct air pressure from the CPAP machine?" and "Which CPAP mask is best for me?" are some questions arising from a common issue - air leakage from CPAP mask. A leaky CPAP mask is a serious problem. If air is escaping from your mask, that means you aren't getting the proper air pressure you need to treat your sleep apnea completely. It can also cause discomfort in the airways and nasal passages, causing them to dry out and become irritated, even with the use of the CPAP humidifier.

    The air coming from your CPAP machine through the mask is supposed to act as a splint to hold your airways open while you sleep. Depending on the severity of your sleep apnea, you might need a higher air pressure than someone with a less severe case of sleep apnea.

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  • Troubleshooting a CPAP Machine – How to To Fix the Problems

    Most of the time, if you are experiencing a problem with your CPAP machine, it's because of the extensions and not the machine itself. These common problems you might experience with your CPAP machine are easy to fix. You might face a few of these problems when you first start using your machine, because they can take some getting used to. There are a few things you can do and some easy adjustments you can make to make it more comfortable and untroubling. Check out these things before you call up your medical supplier to file a complaint.

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  • SeQual Eclipse 3 Trouble Shooting Guide

    Having problems with you SeQual Eclipse 3? Look at our SeQual Eclipse Trouble Shooting Guide. Here you will find solutions to the problems and alarm codes that you are getting from your machine. If you can not find the solution, please contact us and we would be happy to help you.

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