Pre-Owned Concentrators

  • Helpful Tips for Buying Used Oxygen Concentrators

    Buying a used oxygen concentrator can save you a lot of money, but if you aren't careful, you could end up with something that wasn't even worth the lower price. There are several playing factors you need to take into consideration if you want to buy a used portable or used home oxygen concentrator, and these are very important. Knowing where you are buying ensures a positive experience from selection through resale.

    There is more to the "total cost of ownership" than the initial purchase price.

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  • Used Oxygen Concentrators - Pros and Cons

    Buying an oxygen concentrator is a large purchase, and with different buying factors such as manufacturer, pricing, oxygen delivery, accessories, warranty, and to buy a new or used unit. A used or refurbished oxygen concentrator will not be a sacrifice on quality, but there are numerous factors and features between brand new and used units.

    Some customers opt to purchase a used unit, but in order to make an informed decision, you should be familiar with the pros and cons compared buying a new or used oxygen concentrator.

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  • The Difference Between New and Pre-Owned Portable Oxygen Concentrators

    If you're shopping for an oxygen concentrator, you need to focus more on getting what you need. Looking for a discount should be secondary. You have to make sure it's going to last, and deliver the oxygen purity and dosage that you need.

    That being said, how can you still try to find a good deal? One of the options you have for saving money is purchasing a pre-owned, refurbished portable oxygen concentrator.

    Getting a new portable oxygen concentrator is always the best bet. However, a brand new concentrator can be very pricey. So how can you make sure you're getting a good deal while still getting a concentrator that you can depend on?

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  • Oxygen Concentrator Buy-Back Program

    Are you in possession of an old portable or stationary oxygen concentrator that you no longer need? Maybe you have been using your trusty oxygen concentrator for years and you're now ready for an upgrade? American Medical may buy your old one off of you with our buy back program, and you can use the money you get out of your old one, to go towards your new one, if you are purchasing a new one.

    This is a wonderful opportunity and a great economic alternative if you have an old oxygen concentrator and want a new one. We repair and refurbish old and used oxygen concentrators, and your old one might be the perfect candidate. You must understand that we can't purchase every used oxygen concentrator, if it is in too bad a shape for us to safely work with, and sufficiently refurbish for a future customer, who wants to save money by purchasing and used, refurbished concentrator.

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  • Our Best Used Oxygen Concentrators – Why they are Great

    We have the cream of the crop here at American Medical Sales and Repair, in the way of portable oxygen concentrators. Even our used portable concentrators are some of the best, especially if they are gently used models of our best selling portables! Don't miss out on getting one of the best portable oxygen concentrators at a discount!

    Sequal Eclipse 3

    There are a few reasons why the Eclipse 3 is one of our best selling portable oxygen concentrators. This portable concentrator is necessary for people who need a continuous flow of oxygen of at least 3 LPM (from 0.5 to 3 in 0.5 increments), or those who need a pulse dose from the setting of 1 to 6. It can meet higher oxygen demands, while still giving you 100% mobility and you can get it gently used at a much lower price!

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  • Used Air Sep New Life Home Oxygen Concentrator Reviews

    This is one of our best deals on a used home oxygen concentrator! These AirSep New Life units are used, but completely rebuilt, serviced and tested to be sure that you can depend on them to deliver the oxygen you need. The New Life has the flow settings from 1 to 5, and it comes with a 90 day parts warranty. Our customers on a tight budget, or care facilities that are providing oxygen therapy to their patients are the ones who are the most pleased with our used New Life models.

    We enjoy being able to offer such afforable deals to people who need oxygen regardless of their budget. If you want an oxygen concentrator, you shouldn't have to settle for less in quality. Here are some of the things they've had to say when we asked how they were doing with their concentrators.

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  • March Madness Used Portable Concentrator Blowout!

    We are having a 2013 March Madness Sale on our Used Portable Concentrators! Below is a list of our current list of available units. Please call us as our inventory changes daily. Click here to view our complete selection of used oxygen concentrators.

    SeQual Eclipse 3: Price: $1600 Includes: 1 battery, ac/dc cart, carry bag. Warranty: 6/10/2014
    SeQual Eclipse 3: Price: $1900 Includes: 3 batteries, ext charger, AC/DC cart, carry bag. Warranty: 9/28/2015
    SeQual Eclipse 3: Price: $1750 Includes: 1 battery, ac/dc cart, carry bag. Warranty: 1/25/2015
    SeQual Eclipse 3: Price: $1600 Includes: 1 battery, ac/dc cart, carry bag. Warranty: 6/2014
    SeQual Eclipse 3: Price: $1600 Includes: 1 battery, ac/dc cart, carry bag. Warranty: 10/3/2014

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