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  • Thoughts from an Oxygen User

    Every 5,000 Miles or Three Months…
    Featured Oxygen Patient Shares Their Thoughts & Experiences

    Appointments, tests, hurrying-up to wait, and Doctor’s who are frequently pressed for time. Sound familiar? It can feel as jumbled as taking your car to the shop for what should be a routine oil change.
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  • Interview with an Oxygen User

    A mother, traveler, advocate, and oxygen user since the age of 21…meet Diane Neal! This incredible, multifaceted woman hasn’t let her oxygen therapy define her. Learn more about how Diane takes her freedom into her own hands and encourages others to do the same!

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  • User Perspective: Visiting the Grand Canyon with Oxygen

    There are few sights on earth more breathtaking than the Grand Canyon. No one should have to miss out on it, even if you need to use oxygen therapy every day. There are several different options for getting oxygen therapy on the go, including portable oxygen concentrators. Needing to use oxygen therapy everyday hasn't stop our friend Maryann from fully enjoying one of her favorite places in the world.

    "I was diagnosed with COPD a few years ago, and my doctor said that I need regular oxygen therapy. I got very depressed because I thought I wouldn't be able to travel anymore. When I pictured an oxygen machine, I pictured a big machine next to my bed that I would be trapped by for hours every day.

    I looked at my options and decided to try to get a portable oxygen concentrator since you can use it on an airplane, and I didn't want to have to mess with getting tanks refilled. It just seemed like the easier way to go. I'm really glad I made that decision. I love my Equinox!"

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  • User Perspective: Visiting Branson, Missouri on Oxygen Therapy

    Branson is a great family destination for people with different tastes and styles, with a bit of a wild west twist. This town is located south of Springfield Missouri, close to the Arkansas border. It's location makes it more interesting because it's also not far from Kansas and Oklahoma.

    Branson can be a very exciting place, and you have a wonderful guide to the place, who knows it very well. Ken is a happy user of a portable oxygen concentrator to help treat his emphysema, and he has lived in Branson for most of his life.

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  • User Perspective: Visiting Las Vegas While on Oxygen

    Have you been wanted to go to Las Vegas, but you don't think you can because you need to use oxygen therapy? It's definitely possible, and you shouldn't let that hold you back from going to the places you want to go. Maybe you've heard your friends talking about it and it sounds like a lot of fun. It's not just all about gambling either. There is a big variety of things to do and see for anyone in your family, from the youngest to the oldest.

    If you have to go using oxygen therapy and you're not sure what to do or what to expect in Las Vegas, you can take the word on that from oxygen therapy patient and Las Vegas native Jaime Q. She's been using oxygen therapy for going on 4 years, and has a lot to say about her home city. Jaime is one of the best people to talk to about anything having to do with using a portable oxygen concentrator while seeing what there is to see in this city.

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  • User Perspective: Visiting Southern California on Oxygen Therapy

    Having a portable oxygen concentrator opens up so many travel opportunities, that you can go virtually anywhere. One of the most exciting and diverse places you can go is the whole southern part of the great state of California. Short of taking a dip in the ocean, your portable oxygen concentrator will give you the freedom to explore.

    Southern California is so big with so many different places, how do you even see all the things that it has to offer? You get someone who is familiar with the area to tell you about the best of the best and the things that you just have to see first. That someone today, is Janine F., a native of Carlsbad, a city on the coast. Janine has also been using oxygen therapy for a little over 5 years.

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  • User Perspective: Visiting San Francisco While on Oxygen

    San Francisco is a unique city with an interesting past. It's still one of the coolest cities to live and one that might get overlooked when it comes to deciding on a vacation destination. While all of your friends are going to The Bahamas or Hawaii on vacation, why not check out what there is to do and see in The City by the Bay? As an oxygen therapy patient, you shouldn't have to sit out while everyone else has all the fun!

    What better way to get the ins and outs of all the best places to go in San Francisco than from someone who lives there? Neil J. moved to the city when he was 18, and today at 66, he is using a portable oxygen concentrator for his emphysema. Neil is here to give you some important tips for going to San Francisco while using a portable oxygen concentrator, and he wants to tell you about the best places to go for fun and entertainment.

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  • User Perspective: Visiting Phoenix While on Oxygen

    Over the years, Phoenix has become one of the most popular cities to live and do business in. If you've always wanted to visit this sprawling desert oasis of a city, with it's bright blue skies and hot climate, Phoenix is easy to do with a mobile oxygen concentrator.

    Phoenix is a very fun city to visit, but there are a few things you should know about it first. That's why we have oxygen therapy user Abby H., who has lived in Phoenix since she was a little girl, to tell you all about traveling there. There are many factors to go over when considering to visit any city, and it's always best to take advice from someone very familiar with the area and its attractions.

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  • User Perspective: Visiting Denver While on Oxygen

    Denver is one of the most interesting cities in the US. Not only is there beautiful scenery including majestic mountain ranges and forests for the rugged outdoorsy types, but plenty of night life and culture for people who are more into the city side of things. This city is high up in the mountains, and its nickname, “the Mile High City” actually has a literal meaning – it's exactly one mile above sea level! Denver is one city that should be on everyone's travel bucket list, and if you use oxygen therapy, then it's even better!

    Marla was born here, but she was transplanted when she was a kid to California. As a young adult, she moved back and hasn't looked back. She's also an oxygen therapy patient, and she knows all the ins and outs of this active and intellectual city. She has some advice to give about using a portable oxygen concentrator for those who might be new to it, as well as some advice for people new to Denver.

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  • User Perspective: Visiting Houston While on Oxygen

    Houston is one city in the southern United States that stands out. It's welcoming to people of all ages, with plenty of different interests and hobbies. It's a great place to visit with anyone, but not every city is so hospitable to families and children, specifically. It's also strangely planned out, so it's the perfect place for anyone who is up for a rather random and spontaneous adventure. If you need to use oxygen therapy, that shouldn't stop you. No need to feel inhibited just because of your oxygen use.

    Jane and Gabriella are two friends that have been living in Houston since the 70's, and they both use portable oxygen concentrators. While their needs are different, they both have some very useful advice, and some things they want to tell you about their city. If you didn't plan on going to Houston yet, you probably will after hearing from these two interesting women.

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