Oxygen Safety

  • 11 Critical Safety Precautions For Oxygen Therapy

    Oxygen might seem like a harmless gas because we breathe it every day. However, when oxygen is purified at high concentrations, it can become very destructive. Oxygen therapy is an important medical treatment for patients who need to have supplemental oxygen, but caution must be taken to avoid injury.

    In this blog post, we will discuss 11 important safety precautions to take into consideration if you are on oxygen therapy. First, let us discuss 2 critical reasons why you should always handle oxygen carefully.

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  • What is the Normal Oxygen Level? How to Check Oxygen Saturation Level

    If you have COPD any other chronic lung condition, you probably know what it means to have a lower than normal blood oxygen saturation level. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is just one example, but it means that your lungs' ability to bring in enough oxygen is compromised. The tiny air sacks in your lungs have been damaged, so you can't absorb enough oxygen through these sacks into your bloodstream.

    It's important to have a certain level of oxygen, versus a certain level of carbon dioxide in your blood at one time. The carbon dioxide is carried back to your lungs, where it is breathed out when you exhale. The oxygen you breathed in gets delivered to every part of your body, as part of the fuel you need to keep your body working properly.

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  • Staying Safe this Summer With COPD

    When the weather changes, people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) will most likely notice it as a change in their breathing. Weather extremes can cause COPD exacerbations for different reasons, but even the typical summer heat can create poor conditions for anyone with a respiratory illness.

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  • Extreme Weather and COPD: Awareness and Preparedness

    Extreme weather wreaks havoc on communities in many ways, but it can be even more devastating for people with a chronic illness such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Different types of weather will carry their unique challenges, so it is crucial to understand what to expect in various weather conditions when you have COPD to ensure your health and safety.

    In this blog post, we will discuss some of the most extreme forms of weather and go over how you can prepare for them if you have COPD. Keep in mind that there might be some overlap between various weather conditions, so you might need to prepare for 2 or 3 different weather extremes at the same time. Also, these guidelines are not meant to be exhaustive when it comes to disaster preparation. Instead, the focus here is to provide specific tips if you have COPD.

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  • Preparing for Severe Weather for Oxygen Therapy Patients

    When it comes to severe weather, preparation is vital. You may not know exactly when a hurricane, tornado, earthquake or flood will strike, but there are things you can do to be prepared when it does. This is especially important when you have a medical condition. If you are undergoing oxygen therapy and use an oxygen concentrator, here are some helpful tips to get prepared.

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  • Oxygen and Vaseline: A Dangerous Combination or a Myth?

    Oxygen and Vaseline have a complicated history. There is much back and forth from medical professionals and scientists regarding whether it is safe to use Vaseline when receiving oxygen therapy or not. However, are these 2 substances a dangerous combination or is that a myth?

    In this myth-buster blog post, we will find out once-and-for-all whether oxygen and Vaseline are a safe combination or not. First, let us briefly discuss what Vaseline is.

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  • Hurricane Preparedness Plan

    During hurricane season, power outages are a commonplace. For most people, these power outages are an inconvenience. For those on oxygen therapy, it can be more concerning. Being prepared for a hurricane is paramount – especially for oxygen therapy users.

    With a little bit of planning, you can prevent having unnecessary stress during an already stressful situation. We have created a list of things to consider when making your preparedness plan.

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  • Oxygen Concentrators and Heat Don't Mix – Summer Concentrator Safety

    Just like any other type of electronic, or piece of medical equipment that you depend on, there are things you should know about the proper safety precautions for your oxygen concentrators. With the approaching hottest months of the year for much of the country, you will need to consider how your oxygen concentrator will fair out in the high temperatures. High heat, and especially flames near your unit, can be extremely dangerous, as well as harmful.

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  • Oxygen User Emergency Preparedness Tips

    Accidents and emergencies can happen with and without warnings, such as a severe snowstorm, hurricane or an unexpected fire. When they do happen, everyone, including oxygen therapy users, need to be able to act fast. To make sure that you’ll be prepared for anything, whether it’s an evacuation or a situation where you need to stay put, make sure that you’ve got your oxygen ready to go with you.

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  • Flooding: Top 5 Safety Tips

    As many of you may have heard (or even unfortunately experienced), a hurricane, deemed “Harvey,” hit the coast of Texas, near Corpus Christi. The long road to clean-up and recovery is just beginning for many. Interested in donating to the victims of Hurricane Harvey? Click here to view Charities Providing Assistance in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey!

    Natural disasters, such as flooding, can be extremely dangerous for people of all ages, especially if you suffer from any lung or breathing related illnesses. Even after the flood water recedes, there are conditions that can put your lung health at risk. How can you stay safe during these uncertain times? Keep reading for our top five things you’ll want to know during a flooding weather emergency.

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