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  • Guide to Oxygen Concentrator Rentals in Colorado Springs

    The city of Colorado Springs is a widely spread city with lots of room to roam and many different things to do and see. We want to make sure you can explore this city that was named as the #1 best big city in Money Magazine's 2006 "Best Places to Live" list, so we offer some of our best portable oxygen concentrators for rent.

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  • Why Rent from Oxygen Concentrator Store and AMSR?

    Going on a trip? Interested in trying a unit before you buy it? You’ve come to the right place! Our portable oxygen concentrator rental program provides oxygen users with the unique opportunity to use an oxygen concentrator without purchasing it! Our extensive fleet of both home and portable units features continuous and pulse flow oxygen delivery systems to fit varying needs. Additionally, all of our rental machines are FAA approved and ready for flight!

    Ready to get started? Our Rental Specialists are waiting to assist you with everything from choosing the right rental to calculating how much battery time you’ll need on a flight!

    Keep reading below to see just what sets us apart from the competition:

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  • Overview of the SeQual eQuinox Concentrator Rental

    If you have high supplemental oxygen requirements, you may think a portable oxygen concentrator can’t meet your needs. That simply isn’t true. The SeQual eQuinox rental concentrator is the perfect option for anyone who wants true portability but needs greater amounts of oxygen than traditional portable oxygen concentrator units can provide.

    Weighing less than 13 pounds, the eQuinox also includes a telescoping wheeled cart for exceptionally easy movement. But don’t let its small size fool you. The eQuinox can deliver more oxygen than any other portable concentrator in its weight class. In fact, it provides up to 3 liters per minute continuous flow or up to 192 mL in pulse doses with 3 settings you can choose from.

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  • Users Perspective: Traveling to Yellowstone National Park with Oxygen

    My family brought up that they wanted to take a trip to Yellowstone National Park last year for the family vacation. Two years before that, they traveled to The Redwood Forest to go camping, and I was unable to go because I had oxygen tanks, and we would have had to travel by plane. This past family vacation, I was able to go with a portable oxygen concentrator rental from American Medical!

    I was sad at first, because I thought I would have to miss out on yet another family vacation. My 8 year old grandson was getting to see these amazing things, and I wasn't able to go and see them, or see the wonder on his face while he saw them. I've seen pictures of Yellowstone and I so badly wanted to go. I mentioned this to my son-in-law and he suggested that I look into getting a portable oxygen concentrator, just for the trip.

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  • Long Term Oxygen Concentrator Rentals

    A Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rental is very useful when you plan on taking a vacation away from home, away from your stationary oxygen concentrator, or if you use oxygen tanks, but you'd like to travel by air. Oxygen tanks aren't allowed on commercial flights because they can become dangerous in the cabin of an airplane. Our rental portable oxygen concentrators are all approved by the Federal Aviation Administration for use on board a commercial flight.

    Rental packages are also great to let you know whether or not you'd like to commit to buying a certain oxygen concentrator model. You'll learn first hand over the course of a week, or however long you'd like to rent it, how it works and get to know all its features. Sometimes you can't really know if you'll want a certain concentrator until you've actually used it for a while. You can decide to rent the portable oxygen concentrator for as long as you want, to get a good feel of it.

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  • Renting a Sequal Eclipse 5 With AutoSAT

    The Eclipse 5 is the latest and best new model in the Eclipse line from Sequal. It takes all the great qualities from the previous model the Eclipse 3 (it's so much better that they skipped 4!) – the many settings and features for versatility and safety, as well as relatively light weight and small size for such a powerful machine.

    It brings along the great feature patented by Sequal – AutoSAT technology. What does this mean for oxygen users? It means the Eclipse 5 will more quickly and accurately adapt to any subtle changes in your breath rate. “Auto SAT” is just short term that refers to how it automatically makes sure you are always saturated with oxygen, the way you're supposed to be.

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  • Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rentals in Littleton

    Littleton, Colorado is a small town suburban paradise, with quick and easy access to Denver. This is a great place to live and visit, especially if you like to live in a quiet suburb, but you still like to be able to get to the bright lights and excitement of a major city for some adventure. This area really has the best of everything – a nice place to live, a cool place to shop and explore, and beautiful surrounding landscapes and outdoor retreats. We won't want you to miss out on any of this because of your oxygen therapy needs, which is why we make it so easy and convenient to rent one of our top brand portable oxygen concentrators.

    If you are traveling by airplane from somewhere else in the country, it's likely that you will be visiting Denver first, and then driving to Littleton. Littleton is only about 20 minutes away from Denver, depending on the traffic, and you already likely have plenty of battery power to make the trip, and then some, without having to hook up your DC charger to the car's battery.

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  • Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rentals in Mesa

    Mesa is considered a city and is the third largest city in the state of Arizona (right behind Phoenix and Tucson), but it really is more of a big suburban community than an urban metropolis. If you want a quiet break from the big city of Phoenix, but you still want to experience the desert beauty of the area, take a few days to stay in Mesa.

    Despite this being a generally toned down place to live and visit, there are still some fun things you can do here. You might even decide that you want to live here, after you learn more about this place. If you are traveling with oxygen through Arizona to see the sights and admire the beauty of the desert, we have a portable oxygen concentrator rental that will be convenient and dependable for your journey.

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  • Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rentals in Kansas City

    In the past decade, this city has been doing a lot of growing and developing. In March of 2012, it was named by Forbes Magazine as one of America's best downtown areas, with beautiful and interest sights, a great arts scene and rich in culture. KC is a city for everyone, since it's so diverse and has something about it that most people will like. It's also one of the more understated cities in the US, and you should consider putting it on your travel goals list if you haven't already. Whether you are planning on getting there by car, train, bus or plane, you won't have any trouble with your oxygen therapy needs, if you bring along one of our dependable portable oxygen concentrator rentals.

    Kansas City's public transportation isn't as readily available or as developed, like in many other big cities. This is because Kansas City is so easy to get around by driving in your own vehicle or rental car. However, if you do find yourself needing to take a bus, you will be able to board one no problem with your portable oxygen concentrator.

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  • Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rentals in Parker

    If you've come to Denver for some big city fun, you will want to swing into a nearby little town called Parker, for an easy going but still interesting fun before you go. In 2011, Parker, CO was number 29 on CNN Money's “Best Places to Live”, and for good reason. It's still considered a small town, and has the best of both worlds – great cultural destinations with some natural beauty and plenty of outdoor fun to be had. You might just like it so much that you will never want to leave. With one of our affordable portable oxygen concentrator rental packages, you can plan on sticking around for as long as you want.

    If you are traveling from Denver to Parker, it will only take you about 25 minutes by car, depending on traffic. That won't be a big deal – just make sure you have a fully-charged battery for your portable oxygen concentrator rental, just in case you get stuck in traffic on the way there. It's most likely that even if you are flying here to specifically visit friends or family in Parker, that you will be flying into Denver and then driving to Parker.

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