Oxygen on a Cruise

  • User Perspective: Enjoying a Cruise to the Caribbean

    Taking a cruise anywhere was one of the last things on my mind when I was diagnosed with COPD and had to go on oxygen therapy. I thought my days of doing anything fun and adventurous like that were over. I didn't really understand back then that it didn't have to be that way!

    I didn't know anything about portable oxygen concentrators when I first started taking oxygen therapy to treat my emphysema. I just resigned myself to using tanks and having oxygen delivered to my house. I got tired of that after about the first 6 months of using it. I was also starting to feel really cooped up. I didn't like taking my tank with me anywhere, let alone consider going on vacation.

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  • 5 Great Cruise Destinations for Seniors

    Cruising continues to grow in popularity, and a large percentage of cruisers are age 55 or older. While many mature travelers choose cruise vacations for their value and convenience, destinations are important, too. Here are our top five senior-friendly cruise destinations.

    Rhine River

    Long before river cruising became popular; Rhine River cruises were an important part of many European travel itineraries. You can still take day cruises on the Rhine River on a KD ship, either between landing stages or as a one-day round trip from Cologne, Düsseldorf or Frankfurt.

    For a truly memorable Rhine River experience that includes castles, wine towns and cathedrals, book a one-week Rhine River cruise. As you journey down the river, you'll see steep, vineyard-covered hillsides, imposing medieval fortresses and market towns that have greeted disembarking passengers for centuries. Pack your walking shoes and explore, either with a shore expedition group or on your own.

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