Oxygen for Dogs

  • Oxygen for Dogs: Portable Oxygen Therapy for Our Canine Friends

    Using a portable oxygen therapy, or any oxygen therapy for your dog should be treated just like any kind of oxygen therapy that a human patient would use. A veterinarian would determine whether or not your dog would need oxygen therapy. If need be, he or she would prescribe the amount of oxygen your dog needs.

    You should never change your pet’s oxygen dosage without your vet telling you to, and you have to make sure that the oxygen is properly administered to your dog.

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  • Using a Service Dogs while on Oxygen

    Having COPD can make life more challenging, even when it comes to everyday things and small tasks. If you need a little bit of help throughout the day, you might want to consider getting a service dog. They aren't just for the blind, even though that's what they're most commonly used for, and they are called "seeing eye dogs" to distinguish them from other types of service dogs for those with other medical needs and disabilities.

    Of course, you'll need to talk to your doctor and do some of your research before making a serious decision about getting a service dog.

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