Oxygen for Animals

  • Oxygen for Dogs: Portable Oxygen Therapy for Our Canine Friends

    Using a portable oxygen therapy, or any oxygen therapy for your dog should be treated just like any kind of oxygen therapy that a human patient would use. A veterinarian would determine whether or not your dog would need oxygen therapy. If need be, he or she would prescribe the amount of oxygen your dog needs.

    You should never change your pet’s oxygen dosage without your vet telling you to, and you have to make sure that the oxygen is properly administered to your dog.

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  • Portable Oxygen Use for Our Feline Friends

    Our pets aren't as different from us as we might think. We don't like to consider such things, but our pets can develop illnesses the same way we can as we age, or even when we're young. Cats can get illnesses such as lung cancer and heart disease too, and oftentimes we can take them to the vet and have them treated the same way we would be treated for the same diseases.

    If your cat has been diagnosed with severe lung or heart problems, and its been found that they have a low blood oxygen level, your cat's veterinarian might prescribe the use of oxygen therapy. This type of medicines for animals are administered in the animal hospital, or at the veterinarian's office, but if your cat has been diagnosed with low blood oxygen, he or she might be sent home with oxygen tanks.

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