Oxlife Independence

  • Oxlife Independence Frequently Asked Questions

    The Oxlife Independence is a very exceptional portable oxygen concentrator in many ways, and these great features have spurred many questions from those shopping for the right portable oxygen concentrator.

    Q: How long does the battery keep a charge?

    A: At the highest pulse dose setting, the Oxlife batteries last for around 6 hours. You can expect around 5 hours of charge on the highest continuous dose setting. There are two batteries you can use, and these duration times are based on the use of both batteries. If you are traveling by car and you use 2 LPM or less, you will be able to charge the battery as well as run the concentrator from the car's battery at the same time. If you need more than 2 LPM continuous flow, you can run the concentrator from the car's battery, but you just won't be able to charge at the same time. If you need more time with 100% mobility, you can purchase more batteries, so you can switch them out when you're on the go.

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  • Oxlife Independence Oxygen Concentrator

    The Oxlife Independence Oxygen Concentrator might be all you need in the way of oxygen therapy equipment. If you need an oxygen therapy, purchasing the Oxlife Independence will be enough to get you the oxygen you need, both at home and while you are out and about.

    The long battery life is something many customers are happy about with this model. The name “Independence” could be referring to the fact that the battery lasts as long as 6 hours while on the flow rate of 2 liters per minute, as well as the feeling you have when you are out and about, going about your day with this light weight, compact machine.

    The cabinet is only a total height of 20.2 inches, which is shorter than many chairs, from the seat to the floor. You will be able to turn the handle down when you are sitting still and push it out of the way under your chair, or under the table. The thickness of the cabinet is only a little under 11 inches, with a width of 8 inches. It has a thin design that will make you comfortable knowing it won't be in your way while you are doing housework or cooking dinner.

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