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  • Maintaining Good Eye Health While Using Oxygen Therapy

    There are many threats to your eye health, and your eyes are extremely important in how you can function and care for yourself. These threats can even be caused by the things meant to help you, or help you see better. Eye health is just as important as lung health, and eye comfort and ease of use is just as important as the health of your eyes. Here are a few ways to both look after the health of your eyes, as well as receive the oxygen therapy you need, with the bonus of more comfort and convenience.

    Glasses are often preferred over contact lenses, especially if you have sensitive eyes or need a very strong prescription. If you are using an oxygen concentrator with the use of a nasal cannula, you be tempted to use contact lenses, just to keep from having a bunch of things crowded on your face.

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  • American Medical Oxygen Eyeglasses Review

    American Medical Oxygen Eyeglasses were developed for oxygen users who require prescription glasses and no longer want to use a traditional cannula.

    The picture to the right is one of our customers wearing her oxygen therapy glasses, you can't even tell she has a cannula on!

    "I am so happy with my new glasses, as you can see from the photos (taken on my 70th Birthday, May 19th) , oh what a difference they make, but then you knew that didn't you."

    Thank you for all the trouble you went to for me to get them here, it is much appreciated. I feel like a new woman.

    Everyone is saying, "You look so well", so I thank them, and don't say anything for a while, then I tell them about the glasses, and they are shocked, then interested, in how it all works."

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  • An In-depth Look at the Benefits of American Medical Glasses

    Wearing a nasal cannula might seem burdensome enough, especially when you first start using oxygen therapy, but with the addition of wearing prescription glasses, it can start to feel there are just too many things on your face. You might also feel a little self conscious in public and worry that people are paying more attention to your nasal cannula than you while you are talking to them. If you are bothered by having to wear your nasal cannula, especially if you have to use constant oxygen, along with your glasses, getting a pair of American Medical Glasses might be the answer to your problems.

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  • American Medical Glasses for Oxygen Users

    American Medical Glasses for Oxygen Users oxygen therapy eyeglasses are designed for individuals that require supplemental oxygen. The glasses allow you to "ditch" your nasal cannula, improve your quality of life, and feel better about yourself, while assuring that you are receiving the oxygen prescribed by your doctor. These attractive eyeglass frames not only hold your prescription lenses, they also deliver the oxygen you need in a way that others will hardly notice.

    When you're wearing American Medical Glasses for Oxygen Users eyeglasses, you'll feel better about getting out and doing the things you love. People will no longer see someone on oxygen, but rather the vibrant person you really are. You'll see them clearly, too, with your Oxy-View eyeglasses.

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