Liquid Oxygen

  • 3 Types of Low-Flow Oxygen Delivery Systems

    Low-flow oxygen is a standard treatment option for anyone of these cardiopulmonary diseases:

    However, once your doctor prescribes low-flow oxygen, finding a reliable oxygen delivery system can be challenging. There are many different options on the market, and they all have various features—so how do you know which is best?

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  • Liquid Oxygen or Oxygen Concentrator?

    It's true that over 80% of those who use oxygen therapy at home use an oxygen concentrator, while most of the rest use liquid oxygen in cylinders. What is it that determines which type a patient uses? There are pros and cons to both methods of receiving oxygen, and here we are going to compare them to help you and your doctor decide which method is better for you. While convenience and efficiency are both major deciding factors when purchasing any type of oxygen delivery system, getting the amount of oxygen you need when you need it will always be the most important factor.

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  • The Respironics HomeLOX

    You have COPD and require a near constant use of oxygen therapy, but you don't let that stop you in the slightest. You still go about your life – to work, social gatherings and you still have a long list of places around town that you would like to experience, different restaurants to check out, and trails to hike. Of course, you should still be able to do all things you planned on doing, as long as you only need to carry a very lightweight oxygen unit.

    There is something that might be perfect for your needs. If you've been using liquid oxygen and are tired of ordering new refills for your home tank, there is something that is exactly the answer. The HomeLox and GoLox oxygen system.

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  • The Future of Liquid Oxygen

    Are you an oxygen user who struggles with heavy tanks or is tired of waiting for oxygen deliveries? Then it’s time for you to take control of your oxygen therapy, regain your freedom, and get back to living with the New one-of-a-kind HomeLox/GoLox portable liquid oxygen system from Respironics.

    The HomeLox/GoLox System eliminates scheduled deliveries of liquid oxygen and the inconvenience of carrying around bulky liquid oxygen tanks from place to place. The HomeLox uses proven technology in a groundbreaking way to generate and store liquid oxygen in your home. The HomeLox is used with the GoLox, a four pound portable liquid oxygen tank that keeps you going for up to ten hours. The HomeLox Oxygen System weighs approximately 100 pounds and will be delivered to your home via a white glove delivery service and in about 30 minutes you’ll be on your way to making liquid oxygen at home!

    The HomeLox system is virtually maintenance free only requiring a filter change every two years.

    Please contact Nick at American Medical Sales & Repair today with any questions you have. Nick's Email.

  • Understanding Liquid Oxygen

    All elements can exist as either a solid, liquid, or gas, but very few exist in all of these forms naturally. Oxygen is no different. While water, which is made up of mostly oxygen, is one of the rare substances that exist in nature in every form, oxygen itself exists only as a gas. However, the technology exists to bring oxygen to low enough temperatures and high enough pressures to condense into its liquid form.

    Liquid oxygen displays a number of interesting properties. Because it has to be so cold, it will freeze anything it comes in contact with, and can cause it to become extremely brittle. It is also a powerful oxidizing agent, causing organic material to burn rapidly and energetically when put together. Some materials become very unstable and unpredictable when soaked in liquid oxygen, detonating in some cases just from light impact.

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