• How to operate the Lifechoice Concentrator

    Learn how to operate the Lifechoice Concentrator. This video will teach you how to turn on and off, change settings and do a hard restart. Please contact us if you have any other questions on the Lifechoice Concentrator.

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  • Lifechoice and Lifechoice Activox Concentrator Comparison

    Inova Labs created two great, yet small and fully-featured portable oxygen concentrators, the Lifechoice, and the Lifechoice Activox. These two concentrators are small, without being so small that they don't offer a good flow rate of oxygen, or fall short on extra features that add convenience and comfort to your oxygen therapy. If you want a small oxygen concentrator that won't be a nuisance to carry around, or one that you can exercise with, these two are what you are looking for.

    Comparing specifications on oxygen concentrators can be tedious when you are shopping for one that will be perfect for you and your needs, so we are breaking it down first by brand, and then by a few of the best models that we have. We hope these comparisons together will make it easier for you, and assist you in making your decision if you are choosing between the Lifechoice and the Lifechoice Activox.

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  • Lifechoice Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the maximum setting of pulse on the Lifechoice?
    The Lifechoice has a maximum setting of 3 PULSE ONLY. This machine does offer the sleep mode technology, which is built into every Lifechoice. The sleep mode takes the machine into a more sensitive state for patients who wish to sleep with the machine. Since this is a pulse only machine, you need to ask your doctor if he or she will approve this unit for sleeping.
    tal with both batteries
    5 Hours +

    Will the Lifechoice fit under a seat in an airplane?
    The Lifechoiceā€™s dimensions are: 7.5 in X 3.1 in X 9.5 in. This is one of the smallest sized portables on the market and this machine is so small a cart is NOT even made for this unit. This machine will fit under any seat in any aircraft.

    What is the noise level of the Lifechoice?
    The Lifechoice has a rated decibel level DBA LESS THAN 50 on any setting from 1- 3 pulse.

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  • LifeChoice POC from the Patient's Perspective

    The manual is a nice and has tough plastic coated pages that will stand up to frequent use. It is the shortest one, only 15 pages. Some manuals are 40 pages long, but it is clear and concise with cautions and warnings up front. It had excellent simple, easy to understand instructions. It could have used a couple of pictures - diagrams about charging or how to hook up the straps, but I figured out how to do it.

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