Inogen G2

  • Financing the Inogen One G2 Oxygen Concentrator

    If you need pulse dose oxygen at a setting of 6, the Inogen One G2 mobile unit is your best bet for the most lightweight and convenient way to receive your oxygen therapy. There are many great features about this portable oxygen concentrator that make it a crowd favorite.

    We want to make sure anyone who needs it can get it, and that's why we offer a few easy ways to make and payments and finance our concentrators.

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  • Portable Oxygen Concentrators Under 10 Pounds

    Here is a summary of the portable oxygen concentrators under ten pounds.

    Freestyle 5

    The Freestyle 5 is only 6.2 lbs and is small enough to carry at your side just like a handbag. It can also deliver up to 750 ml per minute of oxygen, and is considered a high capacity portable concentrator despite the fact that it's one of the small ones that don't require a mobile cart. Its dimensions are 4.4 inches wide, 10.7 inches high and 11.2 inches deep. It also has pulse dose settings between 1 and 5.

    The internal battery lasts for around 1 hour on the highest setting, and around 5 hours on the lowest setting, give or take a few hours for the settings in between. Just give it around 3.5 hours while plugged into a power source to charge it back from 0% to 100%. You can also use the AirSep AirBelt to add even more battery life. You wear the AirBelt around your waist, and plug it into the Freestyle 5 when you need more time between charges. The AirBelt can be charged using the AC and DC power supplies, just like the Freestyle 5.

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  • Inogen One G2 vs. Respirionics EverGo Concentrator Comparison

    Many of our oxygen concentrators are similar or close to similar. With so many great portable oxygen concentrators to choose from, and with all of the great features and perks, it can be a hard decision. To help break down the information between the buyer's guides and reviews, we like to help make our customers' decisions a little easier by putting them next to each other.

    You'll be able to see the differences in features, weight, size and the accessories that come with them. These two particular concentrators are nice and light but are still able to deliver plenty of oxygen in higher pulse dose settings. If you've narrowed your search down to these two lightweight, yet powerful little concentrators, read on to make your decision.

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  • How to operate the Inogen One G2

    Learn how to operate the Inogen One G2. This video will teach you how to turn on and off, change settings and do a hard restart. Please contact us if you have any other questions on the Inogen One G2.

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  • Reviews on Inogen Products

    We carry many of the best brands in oxygen therapy, and Inogen is one of the most popular. Many people love Inogen products, because this brand gives you more options in battery power, with products at a high quality. It's apparent that they want to offer their customers as much convenience in oxygen therapy as possible.

    We've asked our customers who have bought Inogen products what they like about them, and collected them here to help you decide if they are right for you.

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  • Inogen One G2 and One G3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator FAQs

    When many people find out there are two of these Inogen One concentrators, they become a little confused. They also begin to wonder about the batteries that come along with them, the 12-cell and the 24-cell and 8 and 16-cell batteries. Then come the mentions of battery chargers, and then it becomes even more confusing. Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers to hopefully and quickly clear up any confusion about these two portable oxygen concentrators and their workings.

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  • An In-Depth Look at the Inogen G2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

    The Inogen One G2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator is a smaller and lighter concentrator than the original Inogen One portable concentrator. The Inogen One G2 was designed to eliminate the need for heavy oxygen tanks, offering oxygen dependent patients convenience and portability. The Inogen One G2 features a long battery life, with up to 8 hours of battery operated oxygen provided by the machine while you are away from home. This unique portable oxygen concentrator is a single solution oxygen system that is suitable for use at home, on the road and travel.

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  • Inogen One G2 Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the maximum setting of pulse on the Inogen One G2?
    The Inogen One G2 has a maximum setting of 5 PULSE ONLY. This machine does not offer continuous flow so use for this machine at night is not recommended, unless a doctor gives permission. Although, the Inogen One G2 does have recent studies and documented records that this machine can potentially be used at night.

    Will the Inogen One G2 fit under a seat in an airplane?
    The Inogen One G2’s dimensions are: 10.7 in X 3.9 in X 9.5 in. This is one of the smallest sized portables on the market and this machine is so small and will fit under any seat in any aircraft.

    What is the noise level of the Inogen One G2?
    The Inogen One G2 is one of the quietest portable concentrators at a rated decibel level DBA LESS THAN 38 on the setting of 2 pulse. If you increase the setting above 2, the DBA level will increase.

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  • Get Active with the Inogen G2 Backpack

    Are you the proud owner of an Inogen One G2? We love this unit almost as much as you do, especially because of its small size and light weight. The Inogen G2 unit weighs only 7 pounds so it is ideal for active oxygen users. Our patients using this machine love that they are able to hike, bike, golf and more in this unit. Patients at a pulse setting of 2 have up to 8 hours of battery life on the 24 cell battery, so this unit can truly go wherever you go. The Inogen One features a oxygen concentrator backpack.

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  • A Patients Perspective of the Inogen One G2 at 5500 feet!

    A Patients Perspective of the Inogen One G2 portable oxygen concentrator at 5500 feet. by Roxlyn G. Cole

    I tested out the first Inogen One, a few years ago, and I wasn’t too impressed with it, but this one is- WOW! Outstanding!

    They really refined and improved every single aspect of the Inogen design/shape/oxygen delivery, carry bag, cart, and even designed a superb backpack carrier for those who have kept exercising with small weights and can carry 12-14 lbs.

    Centered on ones back makes for an easier carry than on one shoulder – in my opinion. ALL of the many changes made for a top of the line quality and design product. AND, MOST important, it seems to do much better than the first one, at keeping me oxygenated even here above a mile high.

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