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  • Comparisons of the Home Oxygen Concentrators

    Home oxygen concentrators are for home use because they can only be plugged into an AC outlet. They're also usually larger than portable concentrators, so you wouldn't want to have to transport them around, anyway. Even so, stationary oxygen units are still necessary and make the lives of oxygen therapy users easier.

    If you only need to use oxygen therapy a few hours out of the day, a stationary model might be a better decision, because portable models can be much more pricey. You might only need to use it overnight, and you don't plan on doing a lot of traveling to other places where you would be staying overnight. If you would generally only be using your oxygen therapy while you're at home anyway, a stationary oxygen concentrator is a way to go.

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  • How Does a Home Oxygen Concentrator Work?

    People who need constant oxygen are often prescribed with an oxygen concentrator, sometimes called an oxygen generator. There are two types of oxygen concentrators: home and portable. Home devices are designed to move from room-to-room throughout the house and plug into a wall outlet. They can even be moved outdoors, but require an electricity source to operate.The Process of How Oxygen Concentrators Work

    Regardless of whether or not they are home or portable, all oxygen concentrators work primarily the same way. Simply put, the device takes air from the environment, purifies it, and distributes air with the highest dose of oxygen possible to the user, via a nasal cannula or mask.

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  • Cleaning and Maintaining Your Home Concentrator

    In order to run at maximum efficiency, an oxygen concentrator needs to be used on a daily basis and for many hours at a time. When you frequently use a piece of equipment it has the opportunity to get bogged down by everyday dirt, dust, spills, and even mold! This is especially true for Home Oxygen Concentrators. Luckily, there are a few simple steps and guidelines you can follow to keep your Home Concentrator in a safe and like-new condition.

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  • Portable and Stationary Oxygen Concentrator Reviews

    How easy to use and convenient are oxygen concentrators? Take it from a few oxygen concentrator users who are happy that they decided to purchase one. Whether you're thinking about getting a portable oxygen concentrator or a stationary model, there are popular ones that can meet your oxygen needs, and improve your quality of life in the process.

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  • High Flow Stationary Oxygen Concentrators

    Sometimes an oxygen concentrator with a high flow is necessary to meet a patient's oxygen requirements. A higher setting is often needed for more severe cases of low oxygen in the blood stream. When someone with healthy lungs takes a breath, they are really only breathing in 21% oxygen in the air. For someone with moderate to severe COPD, that percent will be much lower.

    "High flow" Units have settings that go as high as 10 LPM (liters per minute) of continuous flow. Some can only go up to 5 LPM, while the highest settings that POCs have are 3 LPM and 196 ml/min of pulse dose oxygen.

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  • The Differences Between the Everflo and Everflo Q

    At first glance, it might seem like the Everflo and the Everflo Q look like the same stationary concentrator. Although they are very similar, there are still a few key differences that will make an impact on whether or not each one is right for you. They are both low maintenance and small and a great choice for those who need to use oxygen at home. These are both stationary oxygen concentrators, which means they run on AC power only.

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  • Energy Efficient Stationary Oxygen Concentrators

    After making sure your oxygen needs are met, and your oxygen concentrator fits your lifestyle and how long you need your oxygen therapy each day, you can narrow your search down to the most energy-efficient models. Energy efficiency is extremely important since this is an ongoing expense related to using your oxygen concentrator. You need to be able to keep your energy expenses as low as possible. There are a few oxygen concentrators that are the most energy efficient.

    This is especially important if you need to use your oxygen concentrator for many hours out of the day. You don't want to get a model that uses more electricity for the same dosage, than what you could have gotten with one that uses less. Here are a few models that offer higher doses, with the least amount of energy used as possible.

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  • Customer Reviews on Our 4 Best Selling Oxygen Concentrators

    Every store has its best sellers and customer favorites, and we are proud to offer some of the best oxygen concentrators on the market today. Our crowd favorites are the Respironics SimplyGo, SeQual Eclipse, Inogen G3 Portable Concentrator, and Respironics EverFlo. The first three named are portable oxygen concentrators, and the last one is our most popular home oxygen concentrator. What is it about these 4 oxygen concentrators that our customers like the most, and what made them choose these particular models? We were curious, so we asked, and this is what they had to say.

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  • Why You Should Purchase an Oxygen Concentrator Package

    Let's say, you've bought your first oxygen concentrator and you're very happy with the product. That's great! After a while of using it, you start to realize how much easier it would be to have at least one extra battery, and an external battery charger. Perhaps you've started to be more active and have started traveling, and you can't board an airplane unless you have an extra, fully charged battery, which is often the case.

    When you purchase a portable oxygen concentrator from us, you also get one or two batteries (if it comes with batteries you can remove and replace and depending on each model), a nasal cannula and rubber tubing, a carry bag and/or cart, a replacement filter (depending on the model), a manual and AC/DC adapters. These are all things you will need when you first start out.

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  • Oxygen Concentrator Packages

    You're interested in purchasing an oxygen concentrator, but there are so many choices and things that go along with them, and maybe you're not sure about what is the most bang for your buck. These machines were made for your convenience, so that you don't need to worry about purchasing more oxygen down the road – concentrators use the oxygen that already exists in the air around you! If you ask any of our happy customers, they will likely tell you that buying their concentrator was one of the best decisions they've ever made.

    Think of it as an Investment

    Buying one of our oxygen concentrator packages, as opposed to one concentrator by itself, is a great investment and will save you even more money later. Each of our packages is different, but they come with accessories and may even include another concentrator at a discounted price.

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