Hiking with Oxygen

  • Kayaking in Alaska with Oxygen - Adventures with Oxygen

    Here is another inspirational stories from our oxygen therapy users Debby who recently traveled to Alaska for a trip that included a cruise, sightseeing, hiking, and kayaking one of Alaska's Bays.

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  • Living with Oxygen Therapy - Inspirational Stories and Images

    Here are the inspirational stories from our oxygen therapy users. They are just as strong and free-spirited as they ever were and didn't know the meaning of giving up what makes them happy. They use portable oxygen concentrators to get around while getting the oxygen therapy they need.

    We have put together inspiring oxygen stories and images directly from our customers. The stories include hiking at 6700 feet in Glacier National Park in Montana to Zip-lining in North Carolina to hiking Buzzard Roost; Ohio’s most spectacular view.

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  • User Perspective: Visiting the Grand Canyon with Oxygen

    There are few sights on earth more breathtaking than the Grand Canyon. No one should have to miss out on it, even if you need to use oxygen therapy every day. There are several different options for getting oxygen therapy on the go, including portable oxygen concentrators. Needing to use oxygen therapy everyday hasn't stop our friend Maryann from fully enjoying one of her favorite places in the world.

    "I was diagnosed with COPD a few years ago, and my doctor said that I need regular oxygen therapy. I got very depressed because I thought I wouldn't be able to travel anymore. When I pictured an oxygen machine, I pictured a big machine next to my bed that I would be trapped by for hours every day.

    I looked at my options and decided to try to get a portable oxygen concentrator since you can use it on an airplane, and I didn't want to have to mess with getting tanks refilled. It just seemed like the easier way to go. I'm really glad I made that decision. I love my Equinox!"

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  • High Altitude Hiking – How Oxygen Therapy Will Help Reach the Summit

    The higher you travel above sea level, the thinner the air gets, and this can become a big problem for some people. If you want to do some high altitude hiking with your friends, there are some precautions you will need to take, especially if you have a lung or heart condition.

    Those with COPD, asthma, congestive heart failure and other heart problems would definitely benefit from the use of portable oxygen therapy, if you are going up into high altitudes. Also, if you are not used to being in higher altitudes, and you travel higher too quickly, you can suffer from the symptoms of altitude sickness.

    Mild altitude sickness is very common in people who have a healthy heart and lungs. Even experts cannot always predict who will get it and who won't, but if you have a condition that prevents you from getting enough oxygen into your bloodstream, even at sea level, you will definitely have a hard time.

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  • User Perspective: Snowshoeing in Vail with Oxygen

    Maybe you've been getting your exercise outside during the spring, summer and fall, but you want to continue during the snow covered months of the year. How does one get their outdoor activity when there are inches of snow on the ground? Snowshoeing, of course. Vail Valley resort is a safe and beautiful place to take your snowshoeing adventure, and gently get your blood pumping and some fresh, brisk air in your lungs.

    If you're an oxygen user like Erik, you'll need to take some precautions and do a little extra planning if you want to go snowshoeing in this beautiful resort. You'll have plenty of ground to cover, and you won't want to wander out without having put some thought into your day. Vail is Erik's favorite place to go snowshoeing, and he share some of his advice on doing it while using a portable oxygen concentrator.

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  • Users Perspective: My Trip with oxygen to Pikes Peak

    One of the things I've always wanted to do, among my very long bucket list of amazing places to visit n my life, was to hike the trails of Pike's Peak. I had read so much about this place and saw all the beautiful pictures, and I couldn't wait to go.

    I've been to a few great places already when I was younger, but Pike's Peak kept getting put off for this reason and that reason. Life throws you curve balls and you have to deal with them, and your dreams have to get pushed to the side for a while.

    One of those curve balls hit me pretty hard when I was 49 – that's 4 years ago already. I was diagnosed with COPD and had to start oxygen therapy to get my blood oxygen level back up to where it's supposed to be. I was pretty upset when I heard this news, but I also didn't know much about it yet.

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  • Hiking in Colorado with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

    The beautiful mountain ranges of Colorado beg to be hiked, traveled through and camped. It's an experience many avid hikers, mountain climbs and active travelers all agree should be enjoyed at least once. It feels as though you're taking a total break from civilization, which is usually much needed in this fast-paced and stressful day and age.

    If you have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) or other type of lung or cardiovascular disease, you shouldn't have to miss out on this wonderful outdoor travel experience. For one thing, the fresh mountain would be great for you, as long as you can get enough oxygen. Portable oxygen concentrators have been made to be taken virtually anywhere, and hiking with oxygen in the Colorado mountains is no exception.

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  • Hiking in California with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

    Whether you plan on hiking through eastern California's Sierra Nevada range, or the Big Basin Redwoods State Park, California is a state with plenty of great outdoor hiking adventures. If hiking in California is on your bucket list, having COPD or needing to use oxygen therapy shouldn't stop you. Portable oxygen concentrators are design to help you stay active and do virtually anything you want, even something as physically strenuous as hiking with a mobile concentrator.

    First, you need to make sure you're physically up to it by seeing your doctor, and telling him what you'd like to do. Hiking up to Sturtevant Falls would be a lot easier and less physically demanding than

    Mount Tallac in Lake Tahoe, so there might be some things that your doctor will advise you do instead of others. You might need to compromise, but you can still do the hiking you'd like to do in a beautiful place.

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  • Go Hiking this Spring and Summer With A Portable Oxygen Concentrators

    If you love the outdoors, you shouldn't have to miss out on one of the biggest adventures this spring and summer – hiking through a beautiful wooded park. You might be thinking about going on a short hike which requires not much gear or supplies, or a long hike that might even include some camping. Either way you want to go, you can take your portable oxygen concentrator along with you as long as you are prepared.

    If you don't normally use a portable oxygen concentrator and you want to go on a hike, you will need to check with your doctor to find out which portable model meet your oxygen needs. You should also make sure you are physically up to the task, and you aren't putting yourself in any danger on your hike.

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  • Adventures with Oxygen - Kilauea Volcano

    This is our customer Walter W and his Respironics SimplyGo on the top of Kilauea Volcano on the island of Hawaii. Kilauea is a shield volcano in the Hawaiian Islands and is the most active of the five volcanoes that together form the island of Hawai’i.

    Walter used his SimplyGo to help him climb to the top of the crater rim; the rim has an elevation of 4,190 ft. and the trail was a walking distance of over a mile.

    If you have a story or picture that you would like to share, please email [email protected].

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