Driving with Oxygen

  • How to Take a Road Trip in an RV or Car With Oxygen

    If you’ve been aching to drive coast to coast in an RV or visit those relatives on the opposite side of the country, a portable oxygen concentrator can help make it happen. A standard at-home oxygen concentrator is often too bulky or doesn’t have the power capabilities to run in a car; with oxygen tanks, your car may not have the storage space to pack as many tanks as you need.

    Portable oxygen concentrators are made to be used on the go, including in cars and RVs. With portable oxygen concentrators, your main concern is ensuring that the unit can stay powered for long stretches of time. There are two options for powering an oxygen concentrator: using power from the vehicle itself or using batteries.

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  • Winter Driving Safety Tips for Those With COPD

    Winter can be a dangerous time for everyone. If you hit a patch of ice and slide off the road, or if your car breaks down, things can quickly get perilous because of the cold temperatures.

    For those with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, it can be even more dangerous. However, there are some precautions you can take for winter driving safety.

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  • Traveling on a Greyhound Bus with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

    Traveling via Greyhound from one point in the country to another is one of the cheapest ways to travel. If you don't need to reach your destination as directly or quickly, a Greyhound is a cheaper alternative to getting a plane ticket. This is also a great option if you only need to travel to the next state over, or just a few states over. If you need to use oxygen therapy, you can easily do so on your trip on a Greyhound bus. However, there are a few things you will have to do to make sure you can do so.

    Ben O. has traveled by Greyhound a few times with his portable oxygen concentrator, and has some firsthand experience in the whole process, and the best things to do to make it go as smoothly as possible. With just a few simple preparations, you'll be able to travel on a Greyhound just like anyone else.

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  • Take Your RV Out This Summer With a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

    You live in this huge and diverse country, and you should be able to travel it and see all the beauty it has to offer. Every year, more often during the late spring and summer, many families get into their Recreational Vehicle and take a nice long road trip. You shouldn't have to let your need for oxygen therapy get in your way of getting the RV and leaving with your loved ones, or by yourself, for an on the road adventure across the United States.

    It's a fact that some oxygen concentrators work better than others for long distance use in a motor vehicle. You might already have an oxygen concentrator that you use daily for your prescribed oxygen doses, but is it sufficient for use on your RV road trip? Here are a few oxygen concentrators that would be best for use in an RV. If you are looking into getting something more portable than the one you have now to use on your vacation, this will help you make your selection.

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  • More Oxygen Concentrator Car Travel Planning Tips

    Summer and Fall are two major seasons for road trips from one city to the next in your car, or for one big one across the country in an RV. Whether you live in the northern states, or down south where the weather tends to cool off a little this time of year, the conditions are great for some sight seeing and long drives.

    Planning Ahead

    Any kind of oxygen travel requires plenty of detailed planning to make sure everything goes smoothly, and traveling by car with your portable oxygen concentrator is no different. The first and most important step, is getting the OK from your doctor to go on your trip. Sometimes we feel well enough to do something, but your doctor might be able to see a potential danger that could spring up somewhere down the line.

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  • Road Trip Advice for Bringing Your Portable Oxygen Concentrator

    Taking a road trip across the United States can be found on many a bucket list, and if this is a dream of yours, you can easily do this with one of our portable oxygen concentrators. There are a few things you will need to keep in mind, and methods for making your journey as smooth as possible while still getting the oxygen therapy you need.

    Portable oxygen concentrators are made to give you the freedom you've always had, and to go wherever it is you want to go. If you only want your oxygen concentrator for the duration of your trip, it might be best for you to rent a portable oxygen concentrator from us, depending on the length of your trip. If you plan on taking a very lengthy road trip, purchasing a portable oxygen concentrator for later use might be a better option.

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  • Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Travel with Confidence on Oxygen

    If you used an oxygen concentrator 10 years ago, you know how big and heavy they used to be. Thank goodness times have changed. Today’s portable models are so small and light that now you can travel anywhere! 

    Airplane travel

    The Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA, has ruled that all passengers who require oxygen must be allowed to bring FAA-approved portable oxygen concentrators on all U.S. aircraft with more than 19 seats. Foreign airlines must also allow portable oxygen concentrators on all flights to and from U.S soil.

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