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  • Drive Oxus Oxygen Machine Customer Reviews

    The Drive Oxus is a great deal when it comes to portable oxygen concentrators. The compressor is exclusively found in the Oxus, and it's one of the most whisper quiet concentrators on the market. It's a favorite among those with a smaller budget, who still want a concentrator that can give them what they need, with great features.

    We recently asked out customers how they were doing with their Drive Oxus, and this is what they had to say.

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  • In-Depth Look at the Oxus Portable Oxygen Concentrator

    The Oxus portable oxygen concentrator is a lightweight, supplemental oxygen system designed to give you the independence to live your life without worry about oxygen tank refills, home filling systems, or running out of oxygen while you are away from home. The Oxus portable concentrator was created with every feature important to oxygen dependent patients in mind. With Oxus, you can have a compact and portable POC without compromising on battery life, decibel level, or oxygen output.

    The Oxus Portable Oxygen Concentrator features one of the sleekest designs available on the market today. With a light gray molded plastic shell, the Oxus POC is a good looking solution for oxygen dependent patients seeking freedom to travel around town and even across the country. The Oxus has a sturdy carry handle made of dark gray molded plastic, contributing to the contemporary look of the unit with a modern two-toned design.

    Standing at less than a foot tall, and just 7.6” wide and 5.6” deep, the Oxus is one of the most compact portable oxygen concentrators available on the market without compromising on battery life, oxygen delivery and output, and noise level.

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