• November is National Diabetes Month

    Type 2 Diabetes has a stigma attached to it. A common myth about diabetes, is that its mainly brought on by eating too much sugar and unhealthy foods, and by being overweight. Type 2 Diabetes, of course, is the type that develops over time because of many health factors, but being overweight doesn't actually have much to do with it. You can be thin and look otherwise "physically fit" and still get diabetes.

    Myths like this are one of the reasons why November is National Diabetes Month, to raise awareness, educate people about the disease, and help diabetes patients properly manage it. It's important to stay educated about diseases like this, because they can happen to almost anyone who isn't closely caring for their health in certain ways.

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  • Portable Oxygen Concentrator Use for People with Diabetes

    Once your body becomes resistant to insulin, or is unable to produce insulin, causing your blood sugar level to spike, you become susceptible to another set of medical issues. You might start to lose your eyesight, and you can start to develop sores on your feet. These sores are caused by tissue damage, and can even lead to the need for amputation.

    You might already have diabetes that you've had since you were young. Type 1 diabetes often shows up when you're very young, but it more rare than Type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes will usually develop after the age of 40, and will usually progress, unless major life style changes are made. There's a chance you can make sure it doesn't progress as quickly if you start eating healthier.

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