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  • Oxygen Concentrator Accessories That You'll Want to Have

    When you buy an oxygen concentrator, you might be focused on the machine and how it fits your lifestyle. Frequent far-away travelers need a portable oxygen concentrator that is ideal for air travel, while those who require higher oxygen flow rates are better served by stationary oxygen concentrators that can be comfortably used at home.

    Regardless of the type you end up purchasing, there are additional accessories that can make using your oxygen concentrator at home or on the go more convenient and more comfortable.

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  • Portable Oxygen Carry Bags: Shoulder Bags or Backpacks?

    Comfort while using your portable oxygen concentrator is hugely important. The whole point of having a portable oxygen concentrator is to be able to do a lot of walking and moving around while getting your oxygen therapy. Mobile carts, shoulder bags and specially designed backpacks are the main ways to carry around your portable oxygen concentrator, without it feeling like a burden.

    Are you going on vacation and need the best way to carry your portable concentrator, or are you shopping for your first portable oxygen concentrator? When you're shopping for a way to carry around your portable oxygen concentrator, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

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  • Purchasing Oxygen Supplies for Oxygen Concentrators

    When you purchase an oxygen concentrator or another type of equipment there are other oxygen supplies that are helpful to operate the unit. These supplies include batteries, battery chargers, bags or backpacks, cannula, tubing and more. There are a few other key items you will need later on to keep your oxygen equipment running smoothly.

    If you have the opportunity to stock up on oxygen supplies, you should definitely do so. If you have medicare or another insurance coverage, they will cover the cost of all the things you will need to receive your oxygen therapy.

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  • Overview of External Battery Charger for POCs

    An external battery charger comes in very handy if you need to use your POC for many hours during the day. It's very simple to use – you just plug it into an AC outlet, and place the battery into the port with the terminal side down to charge it. It will take some time to charge, just like it would if it was charging inside the oxygen concentrator.

    It will only work with AC power, and cannot be charged in the car. The external battery charger was made to allow you to charge up more than one battery at a time, so you won't need to worry about running out of battery power while you're out and about.

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  • How to Put the Protective Cover on the Eclipse 5

    You should be able to take your portable concentrator pretty much anywhere you want to go, and that's why it's important to make sure it's protected from the elements. Just like any electronic, it can be damaged by moisture. The sun's rays can cause it to wear out and fade, and dirty or dusty air can get inside the vents and other tiny openings and cause it to malfunction. The protective cover is an important part of keeping your concentrator in proper working order.

    The Eclipse 5's protective cover looks nice and is designed specifically for the Eclipse 5. It's made of sturdy but flexible black material. It keeps the moisture away from the concentrator and has enough of an opening around the vent so that it can still bring in air like it is supposed to.

    It also has a clear thin window so you can see the control panel and push the buttons. Being able to see the display screen and press the buttons easily is very important, not only so you can operate it, but also so you can read the screen and see which setting it is on, or see what's going on if an alarm goes off.

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  • What is a Pediatric Flow Meter?

    A pediatric flow meter is an extremely important piece of medical equipment, for the dosing of oxygen and air for young patients. Children, especially very small children and babies, can't handle the same amount of air or oxygen that adults or bigger kids can. A pediatric flow meter uses a reduced amount, and brings the dosage down to a small fraction of what it would have been for an adult.

    A flow meter has a knob that can be turned to turn on the flow of oxygen and adjust the setting via the dosage range scale on the front. A small float indicator ball will go up and down as your adjust it.

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  • The Importance of Portable Oxygen Concentrator Accessories

    Would you be able to use your portable oxygen concentrator without the rubber tubing? A portable oxygen concentrator wouldn't be portable without the rechargeable battery – it would be a stationary oxygen concentrator. Your POC would eventually break down if you didn't change out the gross particle filter (as long as it uses one), because it would become too clogged up with dirt to bring in air.

    The accessories that come along with your portable oxygen concentrators are just as important as the concentrators themselves. Without them, you would either have a really hard time getting the oxygen therapy you need, or it would be totally impossible.

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  • Travel Season and the Need for Extra Batteries

    It's that time of year again, when we all start to feel especially restless after a long and hard winter. You've been stuck indoors, dreaming of wide open spaces, being out in nature, and making plans for where you would like go that you've never been to before. Even if you all you are doing is visiting family a few towns away, it's extremely important to be sure that you have plenty of battery life to power your portable oxygen concentrator, and then some.

    Why are extra batteries so important?

    It's true that not all portable models can be used safely in a motor vehicle, on all of the settings. You will need to check with the owners manual that came with your specific model to see if this is the case, if you're not sure, before deciding to take a long road trip. For example, the SeQual Eclipse 3 and its previous Eclipse model cannot be charged and ran at the same time, but the Eclipse 5 and the new Equinox can be charged and ran at the same time, safely and on any setting.

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  • The Importance of Extra Batteries – Spring Battery Sale!

    At some point in your portable oxygen concentrator use, you will either need to replace the batteries you already have, or you will find yourself needing at least one extra battery. Batteries do have a shelf life, even among the most powerful and most long lasting portable oxygen concentrator batteries.

    It's extremely important for your batteries to be in good working order, and for you to have enough to last as long as you need. This is one big reason why we are holding a big Spring sale on EverGo, SimplyGo and Sequal Eclipse batteries! When you buy one, you can get another one at half price.

    The EverGo, SimplyGo and Sequal Eclipse are a few of our most popular portable oxygen concentrators that use external batteries to power them. They, along with a few other brands that we carry, can also be charged with a handy external battery charger.

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  • Used Portable Oxygen Concentrator Batteries

    Not only are you taking advantage of a great deal with one of our used portable oxygen concentrators, but we also offer some gently used concentrator batteries for various models. It's always a good idea to take every opportunity you can to stock up on spare batteries.

    Having more batteries means you have even more time with 100% mobility while receiving your oxygen therapy. That means more time to explore new places while traveling, and more time to go shopping, out on a date, or hanging out with friends. More batteries, means more freedom.

    Even though batteries begin to degrade and lose some of their power over time, it takes a pretty long time before most portable oxygen concentrator batteries are so old and used that they become useless and need to be replaced. For example, it takes 500 power cycles before the Eclipse 3 battery degrades so much that it becomes noticeable. A power cycle is when you charge a battery and deplete it. When you charge it up again, you've started the next power cycle.

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