Concentrator Pricing

  • Affordable Portable Oxygen Concentrators for Users on a Budget

    Portable oxygen concentrators are sophisticated electronic machines and medical equipment, which filter the air around you into highly concentrated oxygen that you can breathe. Because of this reason, most oxygen concentrators in general aren't cheap. Portable oxygen concentrators cost even more, because they need to be able to house and run off of a battery while going mobile.

    There are certain models that are less expensive than others – not because they are inferior or because they don't have the best features or the high settings. Here are three of the best of the least expensive portable oxygen concentrator models on the market today.

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  • Buying an Oxygen Concentrator on a Shoestring Budget

    Of course, money shouldn't stand in your way of receiving the oxygen therapy you need, but your options may seem very limited if you don't have much money to work with. Oxygen concentrators come in a wide range of prices, depending on the type, the brand, the built-in features, accessories included, and where you buy them. Getting the oxygen concentrator you want and need at a great prices should be a priority, but you need to be careful when shopping for a great deal.

    You have a couple options for buying an oxygen concentrator for a lower price than you normally would, for a brand new model. You can check out the used oxygen concentrators in our store, or you could try getting financed. If an oxygen concentrator is used, it doesn't mean it was used for a long time and is now heavily depreciated and will soon need major maintenance.

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  • How to Save Money When Purchasing an Oxygen Concentrator

    Your doctor has just determined that you need to use oxygen therapy. If you're not sure what this means at first, you probably pictured yourself attached to a machine, along with a cumbersome oxygen tank that needs to be refilled and spending a fortune on liquid oxygen. Luckily, this doesn't need to be the case.

    Oxygen concentrators are great, because they allow you easy access to oxygen in your own home, without the need for refillable oxygen tanks or the need to store liquid oxygen. An oxygen concentrator works by filtering the air around it into a high concentration of oxygen that you then breathe in through a mask or nasal cannula. They usually cost more up front than a machine that requires liquid oxygen, but they quickly make up for it in the long run. You would have a much more convenient, easy to care for machine that will provide you with the oxygen you need.

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