Biking with Oxygen

  • The Best Portable Concentrators to Take With You on a Bike Ride

    When you're going for a ride on your bike, you want to be able to travel as light as possible, but you also need to make sure your oxygen needs are being met sufficiently. If you're not sure, or if you haven't gone biking in a while since you've started using oxygen therapy, you should talk to your doctor to see which possible portable oxygen concentrators will cover your oxygen needs while you are exerting yourself.

    Your doctor might have you take a physical test on a stationary bike to get an accurate reading of how much more oxygen you need while you are riding your bike. Everyone needs to take in more oxygen while they are getting exercise or just when they are moving around a lot. If you need to use oxygen therapy, it means your lungs have a hard time bringing in enough oxygen to meet your needs while you are doing every day things, like walking around the house or even while you are sitting still. Some people need to use oxygen therapy only while they are exercising.

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  • May is National Fitness and Sports Month AND National Bike Month

    The beautiful month of May is here again. Spring is in full swing, and hopefully you're getting plenty of May flowers out of the relentless April showers. Now that the weather is warming up, more of us are venturing back outside to exercise outdoors, and oil up our bikes! Naturally, May is named National Fitness and Sports Month, as well as National Bike Month by the President's Council on Fitness Sports and Nutrition.

    It's all about raising awareness about fitness for everyone, young and old, and for those with any disability or chronic illness. It's something important that everyone needs to focus on to lead a healthy life. If you need to use prescribed oxygen therapy, you don't need to stay inside while everyone else is out walking in the woods or riding their bikes around the neighborhood. Depending on your condition and the dosage you need, you should be able to go biking with your friends, starting this month!

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  • Mountain Bike Marathoner and Oxygen Therapy Patient

    Susan R., aka “Blondie”, was diagnosed with COPD at the age of 53. She does marathons on her mountain bike as a hobby. We wanted to talk to her to see how one goes from being diagnosed with COPD and being prescribed oxygen therapy, to being an avid mountain bike marathoner. Susan's story is very inspirational to everyone who has been diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

    “I was never very athletic when I was younger. Turning 53 and being diagnosed with that sort of thing was a wake up call. My life changed after that.”

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