• A Guide to Allergy Medicine Ingredients 2013

    It's a beautiful sunny day in spring or fall, and you're compelled to open the windows in your home to let that delicious, fresh air into your home. It can only be a good thing, right? If you are one of the estimated 36 million people in the United States who suffer from seasonal allergies, this can be the worst thing you can do at that moment in time. Pollen allergies are common, also known as “hay fever” as well as allergies to the mold spores that can run rampant in spring and fall.

    Outdoor allergies can be hard to avoid, especially if you have a more severe reaction to pollens and molds. Sometimes taking allergy medications, either prescribed or over the counter, can be your only relief. When allergies are severe, they can interfere with your job, your hobbies, pleasures and how much sleep you get at night.

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