• Introducing the New AirSep External Battery

    The AirSep brand is truly a marvel in the oxygen concentrator market. They've made some of the best portable and stationary oxygen concentrators around, as well as some of the smallest and most convenient accessories to go along with them. AirSep has done it again with the brand new AirSep External Battery, a great alternative for adding more battery life to your AirSep Portable Concentrators.

    The AirSep External Battery is only 1 lb, and is smaller and easier to transport. You can even hide it under your shirt, clipped to the waist of your pants or the edge of your pants pocket. Previously, those who wanted supplemental battery life for their AirSep portable concentrator, had the option of getting the AirSep AirBelt. The AirBelt weighs 2 lbs, and is worn around the waist, with the ability to be plugged into the concentrator.

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  • AirSep Brand Oxygen Concentrator Reviews

    AirSep is a highly innovative brand of oxygen concentrators, and they make some of the best and smallest portable oxygen concentrators that we offer. Whether you are an active person, who hikes up mountains and cycles around the neighborhood, or if you just want to enjoy your time in reading a book, one of these AirSep concentrators will be able to suit your needs.

    We heard from many of our customers via email, who are happy with their AirSep concentrators, as well as those who offer some constructive criticism and offer good advice so you can make the right selection.

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