• Take Advantage of Our Black Friday and Cyber Monday Savings!

    It's that time of year again, when we give thanks for what we have, and be thankful that so many great products are on sale at incredibly low prices. It's crazy to think about how one day out of the year can contain so many great deals. Here at America Medical will be no different! You can expect to see our best deals yet.

    We want everyone to get the opportunity to buy the oxygen concentrator, travel package, battery package, or oxygen therapy accessories that they've wanted to get but maybe it wasn't in your budget. On the infamous day known as “Black Friday”, you can come into our store, just like any other store, and see the prices on many of our great products in the basement (figuratively speaking!).

    Hop onto our website, OxygenConcentratorStore.com on the Monday following Thanksgiving to take advantage of our insane deals online. Cyber Monday is a great alternative to Black Friday, because you won't have to leave your house, find a parking spot or stand in line to wait for any doors to open. You can sit in the comfort of your home, or your friend's home if you don't have a computer and internet, and order the items you need at incredible low prices.

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  • Eating Healthy Foods on Thanksgiving

    No matter who you are or how healthy you are, we could all be a little more health conscious, especially in terms of the foods we eat. During this time of year, we tend to eat a lot, and eat a lot of the things that we shouldn't. If you have COPD, you should always strive to eat healthier to fuel your body and help keep your immune system, lungs, heart, and brain function in tip-top-shape.

    If you have any say in how Thanksgiving Dinner is made this year, here are some healthy, and delicious alternatives to the usual Thanksgiving dinner menu. These alternatives are different from what you might be used to, but they definitely don't lack in flavor. Your body will thank you later because of the added vitamins and nutrients.

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  • 2014 Black Friday Sale from Oxygen Concentrator Store

    Thanks for stopping by the 2014 Oxygen Concentrator Store's Black Friday Sale Event! We're glad you're here to for your oxygen needs this winter season.

    Oxygen Concentrator Store's Biggest Sale of the Year
    Shop on Black Friday!

    We know you're interested to see what great deals we are having for our Black Friday Sales this year. Please keep checking back unitl Friday, November 28th 2014 as we gear up to kick off our Black Friday Sales and Deals!

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  • Flu Season - Time to Get Vaccinated

    Flu season generally runs from October and even as late as May, with a peak in January and February. The flu can be more dangerous for certain groups of people, including the very young, the elderly, and those with chronic lung diseases like asthma and COPD. Since we are already a month into flu season, hopefully you will get yours soon if you haven't already!

    The flu shot takes around 2 weeks to go into effect, to protect you from the common strains that will be most likely to go around this season. It doesn't protect against every strain, because that would be virtually impossible. There are many strains that will be less common that the flu shot for a given year will not guard against. However, once you've gone 2 weeks after your flu shot, you will be vaccinated against the most common strains for that flu season, and it's recommended by health professionals that you get one.

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  • 2014 American Lung Association's Run the Rocks 5K

    “Run the Rocks” is a 5K put on by the American Lung Association, to help raise research money and awareness for a variety of lung related diseases and important issues. The 8th annual 5K run/walk will be taking place on October 12th 2014 in Red Rocks Park in Morrison, Colorado. This run sounds like a lot of fun, as the runs and onlookers will be treated to live music throughout, as well as the beautiful scenery of the park. The end of the 5K run/walk is at the top of the historic amphitheater, but you'll have to climb the steps to get there.

    Even if you can't participate as a runner or walker, you can help raise money for the cause by pledging to a participant. You can do this, and find other important information about the event by visiting RunTheRocks.org. You'll be able to search for a particular team or individual participant by entering their name if you know someone who is participating, or you can just give directly to the cause.

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  • The Best Portable Concentrators to Take With You on a Bike Ride

    When you're going for a ride on your bike, you want to be able to travel as light as possible, but you also need to make sure your oxygen needs are being met sufficiently. If you're not sure, or if you haven't gone biking in a while since you've started using oxygen therapy, you should talk to your doctor to see which possible portable oxygen concentrators will cover your oxygen needs while you are exerting yourself.

    Your doctor might have you take a physical test on a stationary bike to get an accurate reading of how much more oxygen you need while you are riding your bike. Everyone needs to take in more oxygen while they are getting exercise or just when they are moving around a lot. If you need to use oxygen therapy, it means your lungs have a hard time bringing in enough oxygen to meet your needs while you are doing every day things, like walking around the house or even while you are sitting still. Some people need to use oxygen therapy only while they are exercising.

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  • Portable Oxygen Concentrators As Seen on TV

    Even though you won't see any infomercials selling portable oxygen concentrators, you might see some them advertised on TV. You will always need a prescription before you can buy a portable oxygen concentrator. Oxygen for medical purposes is considered a drug, and it could be dangerous if misused without guidance from a doctor.

    A prescription is always necessary before you can buy a portable oxygen concentrator from American Medical, or from anywhere else that sells them. You should never try to skip a step and buy from a seller that doesn't require a prescription, since these sellers are not legitimate and are probably selling old or unsafe models.

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  • American Lung Association Hosts the 2014 Fight for Air Climb in Denver

    According to the Lung.org website, The Fight for Air Fundraisers are really “a vertical road race”, where participants and teams can come together to raise money for the American Lung Association as well as meet another fitness goal.

    Just as with many other fund raising events for a medical cause or organization, athelets have the opportunity to contribute and pay tribute to those who cannot breathe properly, those with chronic diseases such as COPD or asthma, those with lung cancer, and future generations to have better medical technology to treat lung ailments.

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  • HCPCS Code Reference for Oxygen Concentrators

    Every year in health care insurers in the US process more than 5 billion claims to receive payment. Nobody wants to be over-billed, and professionals in the medical field, whether they are doctors, hospitals or oxygen concentrator manufacturers, need to be paid fairly. For this reason, a standardized code set had to be established to make sure they claims can be processed smoothly, quickly and efficiently, with no errors.

    What are HCPCS Codes?

    All insurance companies, including Medicaid and Medicare, use HCPCS codes to identify what classification of medical supply or service is being paid for. These codes are used used across the board, and were developed by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS), and are described as Category II procedure codes.

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  • New Year New You – Customer Reviews on Portable Oxygen Concentrators

    It's now the start of a brand new year, and for many people, that means making some resolutions. For others, it just gives a general sense of freshness and new possibilities. After the hectic holiday season, January and the new year is a time of calm and making new plans. One of those plans might be to give yourself more freedom, to travel more, or to just be able to go out and explore your own town this year. A portable oxygen concentrator could be what you need to give you a whole new outlook on life.

    We've asked some of our past customers how getting their portable oxygen concentrators has made a difference in their lives and what they do now that they have one. Many of those who decide to purchase a portable oxygen concentrator have already been using a different form of oxygen therapy, while others jumped right into one after they were prescribed. If you're not sure if a portable oxygen concentrator is right for you, read on.

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