Guide to Shipping Oxygen Concentrators Internationally

We now ship to over 120 countries worldwide! Thanks to our partnership with Bongo Shipping, a trusted third-party service, you can purchase and pay anywhere in the world with ease and assurance. When you place an international oxygen order, your transaction will be with Bongo, but if you have questions or customer service needs, you can contact us directly.

If you live outside of the US, you're still in luck with getting some of the best deals for oxygen concentrators around. Here at Oxygen Concentrator Store, we make it possible for the neighboring countries, as well as those across the pond and beyond, can easily have their oxygen concentrator and accessories shipped to them, without spending a small fortune in shipping costs.

We use the simple online service called Bongo International to pay for shipping costs. If you live outside of the US and its territories, you will be directed to this easy to use service to purchase your oxygen concentrator or other orders from us. Of course, each country might have its own ways of shipping oxygen concentrators, and the amount of time it will take to ship to different places will vary because of distance.

Shipping Oxygen Concentrators in UK/England

If you're living in the United Kingdom, you'll receive your order from Oxygen Concentrator Store just like you would if you lived in the States. It will naturally take longer because it has to travel over a continent and an ocean, but it will reach you at a quick speed, so it won't take that much longer. We can't give an exact time here, but you will be notified at the time of your purchase the estimated time it will take.

Shipping Oxygen Concentrators in India

Granted, you can always order an oxygen concentrator or accessories from a company within India, but you will be able to save money, even with the price of shipping, if you order from Oxygen Concentrator Store, depending on which model you order, and if you order a new or a used unit. You would also have access to high quality models that aren't available in countries other than the US. There could be an oxygen concentrator that would be much better for you that you can only find in the US, and that's why we make our stock easily available to patients in India.

Shipping Oxygen Concentrators in Dubai

Your order from Oxygen Concentrator Store will make at least one stop on its way to you – to the Bongo Global distribution facility, since that is the service you will use to purchase your order. It will process taxes and all applicable shipping fees so that it's accurately paid for. There are many American made brands of oxygen concentrators that might be right for you who live in the United Arab Emirates.

Shipping Oxygen Concentrators in Mexico

Oxygen concentrators aren't available widely within Mexico, but you can easily order them from Oxygen Concentrator Store. An oxygen concentrator might also be much cheaper, but won't be of the same medical grade, and you have to be careful of this with many different online stores. You can count on Oxygen Concentrator Store to have the highest quality, with the lowest prices possible.

10 thoughts on “Guide to Shipping Oxygen Concentrators Internationally”

  • LB Raut

    Can you ship INOGEN ONE G3 with 16 cell batteries ? What would be your lowest possible discount price ?
    I am interested in one complete set INOGEN ONE G3 with 16cell batteries. Could you kindly inform me your lowest discounted price ?

    • Danielle Jason
      Danielle Jason May 16, 2017 at 12:32 am

      Thank you for your comment. If you go ahead and give us a call at 877-774-9271 an Oxygen Specialist will be able to assist and provide you with the most up-to-date pricing information including any specials or deals that are being run this month.

  • vikrant

    I would like to know if we import the oxygen concentrator in India for sale. What are the compliance or regulatory clearances that are required by our company.
    1. Which regulatory body FDA / CDSCO, if there is one or free compliance import?
    2. Is there a need for custom NOC?
    3. How about the payment terms to you
    Please revert to me asap

    • Danielle Jason

      Thank you for your question, Vikrant. We currently do not ship overseas, however, we are happy to ship the unit anywhere in the US and you are welcome to have a relative or friend ship the unit from the united states to you directly. Feel free to reach out to our oxygen specialists at 877-774-9271 if you have further questions regarding international shipments.


    Do you ship in India? I need inogen one 3with 16 cell battery

    • Danielle Jason

      Thank you for your comment. I have passed along your information to one of our Specialists who will reach out shortly regarding your request. Do you have a phone number you would prefer to be reached at outside of your given email address?

  • Aarjav Pandya

    I am looking to buy Respironics Portable oxygen Concentrator Simply Go. But I had some questions regarding its warrenty. I want to buy this product and take it with me to india. I called Phillips regarding applicability of the product's warrenty in India. They said that I should buy an international version to effectively use the warrenty as and when required. Do you by any chance sell the international version as suggested by Phillips.
    Thank you.

    • Danielle Jason

      Thank you for your comment, Aarjav. Unfortunately, to acquire the international version of the warranty, you will need to purchase the machine IN India in order to utilize the warranty in India. Any Respironics unit purchased within the United States will have the United States warranty and only allow you to utilize your warranty in the United States. Here at American Medical Sales and Rentals we currently have two retail locations in the United States; we currently do not have any international offices.

  • Duane

    You ship to Thailand?


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