Staying Active and Healthy

Important information about staying active and living healthy. You can help slow down the aging process with a healthy lifestyle and by staying active with exercise. You'll find advice and stories to stay active and healthy, while being safe and living life to the fullest, well into your golden years.
  • 5 Healthy Holiday Habits

    The holiday season can be so busy that many of us, often, let our health take a back seat. There are plenty of tempting, unhealthy, habits that we can pick up during this time of year. Here are five, simple, holiday habits you can adapt to make sure you stay in tip-top-shape through this hectic and fun season.

    Drink Smart

    Drinking an excess of alcohol is one of the biggest problems people face during the holidays. The ideal of having “more fun” at parties and treating yourself can easily get out of hand. Drinking too much can equate to feeling much worse later on in the day, evening, next day, and some times more. Drink smarter and healthier this holiday season by sticking to champagne and dry wines which contain less sugars and carbs than eggnog, beer, and sweet wines. Stay hydrated and remind yourself to slow down by drinking water or a ginger ale throughout the night. Stay hydrated!

    Drink Smart

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  • Performing Yoga with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

    Yoga might seem like it doesn't do much at first glance, and if you don't know much about it. It just looks like a series of stretches in weird poses, right? It's actually much more than that, and it's also a great way to exercise if you want something easygoing and low impact. Yoga doesn't need for you to jump up and down, or run or do jumping jacks. It does, however, still require that you do plenty of breathing.

    Breath is one of the main parts of yoga. This is great news for people who use a portable oxygen concentrator when they work out. Portable oxygen concentrators make it possible for many people to stay active while receiving their oxygen therapy. They also make exercise possible for those who just need extra oxygen while they workout. Either way, if you need to bring in more oxygen than usual, as is the case with yoga, a portable oxygen concentrator is the perfect choice.

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  • Taking Your Oxygen Therapy to the Golf Course – Golfing with Oxygen

    Portable oxygen concentrators make it much easier for you to go just about anywhere while still using your oxygen therapy, and golfing with an mobile concentrator is no different. You need more oxygen while you're golfing because you're exerting energy. You're using extra muscle movement to swing, and to walk around.

    More oxygen is required by our muscles when we do a lot of moving around, and that's why portable oxygen concentrators are equipped with an oxygen conservation feature. Naturally, if you're using a concentrator, you're most likely moving around from place to place. The concentrator will keep giving you the same dosage, even as your breath rate goes up, which happens when you're exerting energy.

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  • Helping your Grandchild prepare to go Back to School

    It's a fact that grandparents are often able to connect with their grandchildren, better than their parents. The parents are the main authoritarians in a child's world, where the grandparents usually play the role of the benevolent and wise loved one, who gives them special hugs and candy.

    It can be a grandparent's special role to help their grandchildren ease back into the routine and added stress of going back to school. Who better to help with the jitters of the last night of summer vacation than Grandma or Grandpa?

    There are many ways you can help and participate in your grandchild's education and back-to-school time. If your grandchild is getting ready for Kindergarten or any other grade, you can help them by subtly teaching them.

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  • Using Portable Oxygen Therapy While Walking and Jogging

    One of the things portable oxygen concentrators are made for, besides traveling and being able to leave your home while receiving oxygen therapy, is being able to exercise outside the home. Some people with chronic lung diseases don't need oxygen therapy while they are doing normal everyday activities and aren't exerting themselves. Their blood oxygen level manages to stay above the line that would require for them to use an oxygen concentrator every day, normally.

    If you want to be able to go jogging or walking for exercise, around your neighborhood, in a park or a recreation center, you might need to use oxygen therapy if you have a lung disease. This is because when you do a lot of moving, your muscles require more oxygen than normal. If your lungs aren't bringing in enough oxygen to your blood stream, which is usually the case with those who have moderate to severe COPD, you won't be able to supply enough oxygen to your organs and muscles while you exercise. This can be very dangerous and cause an exacerbation, or a flare-up and worsening of your condition and even a stay in the hospital.

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  • Information on EWOT for Exercising with Oxygen Therapy

    Many people have been prescribed using oxygen therapy while they exercise, because they aren't bringing in enough oxygen while performing strenuous physical activities. Not getting enough oxygen while exercising can be very dangerous and become life threatening very quickly. The more you move, the more oxygen your body is using up. If you're not bringing in enough oxygen to meet those needs, you will be in a lot of trouble.

    Some people who don't need oxygen therapy and haven't been prescribed oxygen therapy by their doctors, are using oxygen while they exercise, simply because it's what is best for your body. Exercising with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) involves a non medical grade oxygen concentrator that they breathe from, while riding a stationary bike, or jogging on a treadmill or while using an elliptical.

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  • What to Look for in an Oxygen Concentrator to Use During Exercise

    Physical activity is necessary for everyone to maintain a healthy heart and lungs, as well as strong muscles, bones and joints. Exercise is good for your whole body, puts you in a better mood and even has the power to help you sleep better at night. Your doctor has probably already advised you to get as much physical activity as you are comfortable with. If not, you need to check with your doctor first before starting a new exercise routine. He or she will likely give you some suggestions for things to do.

    After your doctor gives you the okay to start exercising, he or she may come to the conclusion that you need to use oxygen therapy while you are working out. Some people who have COPD and might not need an oxygen concentrator while they are going about their normal day, might require one while they are exercising. Your body needs a lot more oxygen while you are exerting yourself, and more carbon dioxide is produced by your body, which needs to be expelled. An oxygen concentrator can help you accomplish this.

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  • 5 More Benefits of Exercise if You Have COPD

    Aside from strengthening your lungs and heart, there are a few more reasons to exercise, especially if you have a chronic disease like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Being physically active is good for your entire body, and it causes a healthy chain-reaction that you will notice quickly.

    The average adult should be getting 150 hours of exercise per week, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), which is easy to achieve if you break it up over the course of a week. You can also work your way up to this amount to ease you into it.

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  • Meditation May Help Protect You From Exacerbating Illnesses

    If you have COPD, you've likely been told how important it is to keep yourself from getting sick. Getting a chest cold, for which there is not vaccination or cure, can cause an acute exacerbation, or flare up in someone with a chronic lung disease, such as COPD or asthma.

    When your respiratory tract is inflamed with more mucous production caused by a cold or flu virus, a pair of lungs that are already damaged won't be able to recover the way healthy lungs normally would. If not treated with medication right away, it can cause even more breathing problems and lead to an exacerbation, which can often mean hospitalization and the worsening of COPD.

    Aside from doing all the usual things to keep from getting sick – washing your hands frequently, staying away from people who are sick, getting a flu shot and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces in the home – you should also being doing everything you can to keep your immune system strong.

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  • Why Planting an Outdoor Garden is Good For Your Lungs

    They tell you that to stay healthy overall, you need to eat nutritious foods, get enough fresh air, get regular physical activity, and get enough sleep every night. Planting and maintaining an outdoor garden might be just what the doctor ordered. This would be an ideal activity for anyone to do during the spring and summer season; but for people with chronic lung diseases, it can improve your overall health, which makes a huge impact on how well you can breathe. With the warming months coming for many people, they are beginning to plan their gardens.

    If you use an oxygen machine, this is an easy and gentle way for you to get the physical activity that you need, if you are using constant oxygen or not. You can wear your portable oxygen concentrator while you are tending to your garden, or wheel it around with you while you are working.

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