Shopping for Oxygen Concentrator Online

When shopping for an oxygen concentrator in general, there is one factor that is most important above everything else – how well it will keep your blood oxygen level where it should be, at all times. This is much more important than price, or the size of the concentrator, even though these factors are also highly important. Whatever oxygen concentrator you choose should be able to do its job.

Purchasing an oxygen concentrator online can be a little intimidating, which is why we at American Medical Sales and Repair do our best to guide you in the right direction with choosing the one that is right for you. You can trust that our oxygen concentrators are of the best quality, and our staff are educated and trained specifically to help you in purchasing an oxygen concentrator. Our store is officially accredited.

After you've narrowed your search based on what your physician has determined for your oxygen needs, you can focus on things like battery life and size. The portable concentrator with the best battery life is the Respirionics SimplyGo, which offers both pulse dose and continuous oxygen flow. Our lightest portable oxygen concentrator is the Airsep Focus, which is perfect for the active patient, who only needs a low pulse dose.

How Not to Shop for Oxygen Concentrators Online

You might think you can get a great deal on a website like Craigslist, but you should be wary of anyone who isn't clearly accredited. There are too many problems that can arise when buying a "refurbished" or used oxygen concentrator from someone on the internet, or even from a local shop that hasn't been properly established. Even an oxygen concentrator that claims to be “gently used” can have some problems that you wouldn't have expected.

For one thing, you might have an issue with the old batteries that came with a used or refurbished portable concentrator. Most batteries can go through 250 power cycles before needing replaced, and you don't know exactly how many its gone through before you purchased it. These batteries are also pretty pricey and are not universal from model to model (unless you're purchasing the next model in a certain series, like the SeQual Eclipse series).

You also won't have the warranty that usually comes along with a purchasing a new or used concentrator from our accredited online store. The warranty is included in the price and usually covers you anywhere from 3 years to 1 year or 6 months – 3 years for a brand new concentrator, or less depending on how old the used one is in question.

This makes paying a little more for a concentrator to buy from an accredited retailer worth it. You can be sure that if anything happens to your concentrator (depending on the details of the warranty) during that time, parts or the whole machine can be fixed or replaced.

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