Share your COPD and Oxygen Therapy Experiences with Others

When people find out that they or a loved one has been diagnosed with a chronic disease such as COPD, they tend to start learning as much about it as they can. They might go to the library or buy books on the subject, or take to the internet and search for as much information as they can find.

People will often search for ways to combat the disease with medicines or alternative means. They will have many questions, and sometimes the best person to answer them is, is someone who has plenty of personal experience with the disease and its treatments.

It's scary and new for people who have been diagnosed with COPD and have been prescribed oxygen therapy, but it doesn't need to be if they have ready information and support. If you have experience with certain oxygen therapy equipment and you're well-versed in ways to prevent exacerbations, you should consider sharing your knowledge.

These days, in the time of the information super highway and social networking, it's very easy to reach people and learn from them. You probably remember what it was like when you were first diagnosed with COPD, and how strange it might have felt with you used an oxygen concentrator for the first time. You might fumbled with your control inhaler at first, but now you know its ins and outs. Now that you know what you know, you will able to help someone who is now dealing with what you dealt with.

Start a Blog

People with other types of diseases will start a blog to share their experiences and the information they've found on the disease they have. People who read their blog will learn from them, but the great thing about a blog is, the author of the blog will also learn from his readers through blog comments and emails. If you particularly like to write and share information with others, you can easily start a blog on a free blogging site, like or

A blog doesn't have to be in a written format, either. If you're more fond of speaking than writing, you can use a video camera or a digital camera to make videos and upload them to a free video site like YouTube or Vimeo. People will be able to keep track of your videos by “subscribing” to your account.

Social Networking Websites

An alternative to, or an extension to your blog can be social networking sites. You will be able to meet people who are interested in the same subjects as you through “groups”. For example, you can create a Facebook account (if you don't already have one), and you want to find people who are also seeking and sharing information on COPD, try searching for groups for people with chronic lung diseases, or for people who use oxygen therapy. You can also try Twitter to find readers and share the links to your blog posts or videos.

To Help You Get Started

Make a list of things you want to talk about that might be helpful for someone who has just been diagnoses with COPD. If you want to share experiences and information, you likely already have a few things you want to talk about.

About Scott Ridl: Scott joined American Medical Sales and Rentals in 2008 as a Web Manager and Content Writer. He is a writer and designer. He is extensively trained on oxygen therapy products from leading manufacturers such as Inogen, Respironics, Chart, Invacare, ResMed and more. Scott works closely with respiratory therapists and oxygen specialists to educate the community about oxygen therapy products, COPD, asthma and lung diseases. He writes weekly columns and is passionate about educating the community on oxygen therapy and respiratory issues.

2 thoughts on “Share your COPD and Oxygen Therapy Experiences with Others”

  • RITA

    my husband has COPD and has been on 24 hour O2 for the past 4 years. He has alot of muous and coughing at night. We are running a portable humidifier at night but it doesn't.t help much. Any suggestions we can try? Would appreciate any help we can get.

    • Danielle Jason

      Thank you for your question, Rita. If your husband is experiencing any changes to his psychical condition, you should discuss it, as soon as possible, with your physician. His individual physician should be able to work with you both to suggest a solution based on his current medical condition and lifestyle. There are many solutions available to assist with an excess of mucus, simply consult your doctor to find the solution that works best for him.


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