Setting Up Your SeQual eQuinox Concentrator

The SeQual eQuinox can be powered with AC or DC supply or with an external battery. The battery can be charged while using either AC or DC power, and it continuously charges while plugged in. The eQuinox also automatically changes to battery power when the unit is disconnected from an AC or DC power supply.

To begin charging the unit, plug the AC power supply cord into the recessed external connector. Plug the other end of the cable into the recessed connector on the side of the Sequal eQuinox unit. Then plug the connector into an AC outlet. A green indicator on the power supply and the external power indicator on the control panel will light up.

You can also use the DC cable to charge the unit. The same light on the control panel will come on. When using DC power, the Sequal eQuinox will operate at all available flow and pulse oxygen settings. The battery will charge if there is enough power left over after running the unit.

To install the external battery pack, line it up so that it slides into the power compartment, which is located on the front of the eQuinox. The battery should click into place and will be flush with the machine. The battery status gauge will light up on the control panel. To remove the battery, push the button on top of the battery pack and it will release from the unit. The amount of battery left for use will show on the control panel both as a symbol and in alpha-numeric form. When first using the machine you need to fully charge the battery.

When the battery indicator on the control panel stops cascading, you will know that the battery is completely charged. At other times, you can use the unit while recharging the battery, which takes up to four hours to charge. The battery will also charge when the unit is plugged into AC power and is not in use or powered on. The control panel has a yellow low battery light and an audible alarm as the battery gets low in charge. The light will turn red and the alarm sound continuously once the battery is completely out of power.

To turn the SeQual eQuinox on, press and hold the power button, located on the control panel, for two seconds. The oxygen concentration status indicator has three lights that are green (normal), yellow (alert), and red (alarm). All of these will light up and an alarm will sound. Allow up to five minutes for the unit to be ready for use. You will know the concentrator is ready to use when only the green light is illuminated.

Next insert the nasal cannula onto the machine snuggly. Press the flow mode button (the button with three waves on it) on the control panel. You can press it more than once to toggle between continuous and pulse dose modes. When the SeQual eQuinox operates in pulse dose mode, a continuous flow of oxygen will be supplied every 15 seconds if no breath is detected. Once it detects a breath, the unit will go back into pulse dose mode. You can adjust the flow by using the + and - buttons on the control panel.

To use the eQuinox cart, line up the unit with the floor of the cart so that it is level. Then line up the large threaded screw to the hole on the back of the unit and tighten the knob by turning it. You can also use the push button on the handle to adjust its height.

To turn off the Sequal eQuinox, hold the power button down for two seconds.

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