Setting Up Your SeQual Eclipse 5 Concentrator

To begin setting up your SeQual Eclipse 5 portable oxygen concentrator, plug the AC power supply cord into the external power receptacle, which is located on the right side midway down the unit. Then plug the cord into an AC power supply outlet. When the unit is properly plugged in an icon of a plug will light up on the control panel on top of the unit. You can also use the DC power supply to charge the unit from a DC outlet. The same indicator will light up when the Sequal Eclipse is plugged in correctly. The unit runs at up to three liters per minute when used with DC power.

Next, install the battery into the bottom back of the Eclipse 5. Slide the battery into the empty space until it locks into place. It should be flush with the back of the unit. When the battery is installed correctly, an icon of a battery will light up on the control panel. The battery indicator is made up of five horizontal gray bars, each of which represents about 20% of the total battery charge. While the battery is being charged the battery indicator will blink like a waterfall. Let the battery completely charge before using the unit for the first time. Once the indicator is no longer cascading, but is solid, the Eclipse is fully charged. If the battery is not installed correctly, the icon will not light up at all or will flash on and off. The unit can operate without the battery attached if it is plugged into a power source. The battery will not charge if the unit is plugged into DC power.

Press and hold the power button, located at the top left of the control panel, for about two seconds to power the unit on. All indicators should light up and a buzzer should sound for three seconds. There is a built-in oxygen concentration status indicator at the top middle of the control panel. When the green light is illuminated, the unit is ready to be used. This can take up to five minutes. When you want to power the unit down, press and hold the power button for two seconds.

The flow mode button is located on the bottom left of the control panel. If you press the button repeatedly the Eclipse will toggle between continuous flow and pulse flow modes. When using continuous flow, oxygen is released at a constant rare between 0.5 and 3.0 liters per minute. In pulse dose mode, oxygen comes out in a bolus each time you take a breath at a range of 16 to 192 mL, which can be adjusted according to your needs. The pulse dose mode lasts longer than continuous flow when operating on battery power.

To increase or decrease the oxygen flow setting use the + or - button on the right side of the control panel. Use the flow setting prescribed by your health care provider.

Connect the nasal cannula to the Eclipse at the top left of the concentrator. Once you’ve connected the cannula to your nose, breathe normally through it.

To use the cart that comes with the SeQual Eclipse unit, align the holes on the bottom of the concentrator with the tabs on the cart. Then align the large threaded screw to the corresponding hole on the back of the unit. Next, tighten the knob by turning it to make sure the machine is secured to the cart. Just like with a rolling suitcase, you can press the button on the handle to adjust its height.

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