Setting Up Your Respironics SimplyGo Mini

You don't need any special expertise or tools to start using the Respironics SimplyGo Mini. Even though we walk you through the simple setup, you should still read the user manual to get to know your new SimplyGo Mini, which is so light, you won't mind taking it anywhere you need to go.

When you receive your SimplyGo Mini, make sure you unpack the box close to an electrical outlet. Pull out the packaging materials, and don't throw any of it away yet. In the package, you'll find your cannula and rubber tubing, AC and DC power cords, travel case, batteries and other necessary accessories, so that you can start using your SimplyGo Mini right away.

Be sure to look over the manual to get thoroughly acquainted with the machine. When removing the unit from its box, lift it up carefully from both sides. Place it on a table and make sure you're in a well-ventilated location.

Unpack the rubbing tubing and attach one end to the nozzle, located on the side of the unit, near the top. Make sure it's pushed in all the way. This concentrator uses a simple, single lumen cannula.

Insert the battery into the bottom of the unit, with the battery's plastic side facing out. Make sure it locks in place. You will need to charge the battery for about 3.5 hours before leaving the house, or unplugging your SimplyGo Mini to use it.

Plug the end of the AC power cord into the concentrator. The power input connector is located on the side of the unit, near the bottom. Make sure you've pushed it in all the way. You can now plug the power cord into a wall outlet.

A green light will turn on to let you know that it's charging. You can use it while it's charging, and this won't interrupt the charging process. You'll know when it's charged all the way after you've turned it on, and a battery gauge displays on the screen, with a fully solid battery symbol.

Place the nasal cannula so that the prongs align with your nose, and the two sides of the cannula tubing are securely resting behind your ears. Slide the cannula adjuster up or down to where it feels comfortable secure under your chin. Be sure to use the SimplyGo for the amount of time required for your prescribed dose.

Turn on the machine by pushing the power button twice. The LED screen will light up, and it will begin warming up. Use the plus and minus buttons to adjust the LPM setting to where you need it, as prescribed by your doctor. It will automatically start on the setting that you used it the last time, so you shouldn't have to adjust the setting every time you turn it on.

Always use the concentrator on this prescribed setting, unless otherwise directed by your doctor. You can start using it right away, but it won't be fully warmed up for about 5 minutes. When you turn it off, press the power button twice.

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