Setting Up Your Inogen at Home Oxygen Concentrator

It's very easy to set up your Inogen at Home oxygen concentrator as soon as you get it. You don't need any special knowledge or tools to get it ready. Even though we walk you through how to set it up, you should still read the user manual to get to know the ins and outs of your new Inogen at Home. It's great that you're using the smallest 5 LPM stationary oxygen concentrator that is currently on the market!

When you receive your Inogen at Home, make sure you unpack the box close to an electrical outlet. Pull out the packaging materials, and don't throw any of it away yet. In the package, you'll find your cannula and rubber tubing, power cord and other necessary accessories, so that you can start using your Inogen at Home right away.

Be sure to look over the manual to get thoroughly acquainted with the machine. When removing the Inogen at Home from its box, use the handle to lift it up. It only weighs 18 lbs, but you might want someone else to lift it for you and place it where you want to use it. This can be a table or the floor next to you, but make sure you're in a well-ventilated location.

The air intake and exhaust vents shouldn't be covered, or have anything blocking it within less than 6 inches away. Make sure the particle filter (located on the side and has a vent) is locked in place. You should never allow the concentrator to run without the intake filter.

Unpack the rubbing tubing and attach one end to the nozzle on top of the concentrator, located next to the control panel. Attach the swivel connector to the other end of the rubber tubing, and then attach the end of the nasal cannula tube to the other end of the swivel connector. Make sure these are all connected securely.

Plug the end of the power cord into the concentrator. The power port is located on the back of the unit, near the bottom. Make sure you've pushed it in all the way. You can now plug the power cord into a wall outlet.

Turn on the Inogen at Home by pushing the power button (the circle with a line through the side). You'll know that it turns on when it beeps, and all the indicator lights flash for a few seconds. Use the plus and minus buttons to adjust the LPM setting to where you need it, as prescribed by your doctor. Always use the concentrator on this prescribed setting, unless otherwise directed by your doctor.

You'll see when it's on the setting when a green LED light lights up next to the number of LPMs. The unit requires a few minutes to warm up to deliver this setting, and the green LED light will flash during this warm up period. Once it stops flashing, it is now warmed up, and you can start using it. This warm up period takes about 5 minutes after you've turned it on.

Place the nasal cannula so that the prongs align with your nose, and the two sides of the cannula tubing are securely resting behind your ears. Slide the cannula adjuster up or down to where it feels comfortable secure under your chin. Be sure to use the Inogen at Home for the amount of time required for your prescribed dose.

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