SeQual Integra FAQ and Customer Comments

This home concentrator is used by many, who need an energy efficient model that can deliver anywhere between .5 to 10 liters per minute (LPM) of oxygen with the highest purity as possible. Sequal is one of the most trusted brands that we carry, so if you need a good, sturdy home concentrator that doesn't take up too much room in your home, you need to look no further.

Many people hear about the reputation of these concentrators and have come to use with many of the same questions. Here is a collection of the most frequently asked questions, to assist you in making sure this is indeed the home oxygen concentrator for you. We have also gathered some of the things our customers have said about the Integra, who have tried it out for a while, and who can offer some suggestions and advice for those who are thinking about buying one.

Integra Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Exactly how much electricity does the Integra use?

Answer: The Integra's power consumption largely depends on the setting you have it on. At 10 LPM, which is the highest setting for this model, you will be using 550 watts from a standard home outlet. If you are only using 5 LPM, you can expect to use 275, and at 2 LPM you would only be using around 130 watts, which is just a little more than any smaller appliance. You can conserve energy by unplugging your Integra and other large appliances when you're not using them, since they will continue to pull electricity even when they're not running.

Question: What kind of filter does the Integra use and how often will I need to replace it?

Answer: You will need to clean the cabinet filter once a week or more, depending on how often you use your Integra and how dirty the air is around it. This filter will last you for about 1 year, as long as you clean it properly. When you clean the cabinet filter, be sure to pat it with a damp paper towel (water only, no soap) and allow it to dry completely before replacing it. The inner filters such as the HEPA bacteria filter will need to be replaced every year, or perhaps longer depending on how much you use your Integra.

Question: What happens when it needs repairs or maintenance?

Answer: Your Sequal Integra is covered by a 3 year warranty. While we are repairing your Integra, we also offer emergency rentals, which we will be able to send you within 24 hours after you notify us.

Customer Comments:

“The red and yellow lights and the red blinking light were confusing to me at first. The blinking red light and alarm means it's overheating and there's something blocking the fan. Don't ignore that because you don't want it to overheat. When it does this, make sure you turn it off until it cools down. Watch out for things blocking the fan.”

“Make sure you don't skip out on any routine yearly maintenance, even if it seems to be running and working just fine. You might be able to go a while after that, but you'll regret it when something goes wrong and you have to send it off for repairs.”

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