SeQual Equinox Customer Reviews and Thoughts

Have you heard that the Equinox is one of the best portable oxygen concentrators around these days? The SeQual Equinox is the newest and most exciting release from SeQual, the brand that brought you the innovative and amazing Eclipse series. The Equinox really is unique and a big step forward in portable oxygen concentrators, and these recent customers are very pleased with them!

We love hearing from our customers for follow-ups on their purchases, so we can give prospective customers a better idea of how the oxygen concentrators will help them. If you're wondering if the Equinox is right for you, check out these reviews on this great new portable oxygen concentrator.

“The Equinox went above and beyond what I was expecting. It's so quiet and small and just seems to run so much more smoothly than my old portable concentrator. It used to bother me when I took my old concentrator out with me in public because it was so loud and sounded just old and like an ugly piece of machinery, plus it was bigger and didn't look as nice. I love the futuristic look of the Equinox, even though that might sound a little silly! I love taking it with me anywhere now, it just makes getting my oxygen therapy seem so much more effortless.” - Jose D.

“I was really expecting for it to be bigger! I'm amazed that it has so many great features and it's so small. I'm using the voice alert and it's really cool and helpful. It's nice to not have to rely on looking down at the machine to see if it has a different light on it, or hear an ear piercing beeeeep when there is low power or something else that may happen. It gives me a quicker reaction while I'm doing something else instead of being caught off guard by an inhuman robot noise. The oxygen settings are also great for it's size and weight. I had a very old Eclipse (the original one) and I was going to get the Eclipse 5, but decided to get the Equinox instead because of its smaller size. I'm very pleased with it!” - Caroline B.

“I would definitely recommend this to my patients who need a higher dose of continuous flow oxygen than what many other portable models can deliver. Older patients might benefit more because of the extreme ease of use, but my younger oxygen patients also find that the convenience of the Equinox makes it worth every penny. I'd recommend this portable oxygen concentrator to anyone who would need the oxygen settings that it can provide.” Dillon J.

“I love how easy it is to travel with. That would be the best thing about the Equinox in my opinion. The light weight and small size and the powerful batteries are making my traveling dreams come true. I went ahead and got the 24 cell batteries so I could travel with my family and I'm so glad I did. This concentrator is so worth it and I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you!” - Shelley P.

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