The New SeQual Eclipse 5 – Best in Versatility

The SeQual Eclipse models have always been a leader in robust, dependable and versatile portable oxygen concentrators. If you can only get one oxygen concentrator, the Eclipse 5 would be your best bet. Of course, this depends on your prescribed oxygen needs, but it's very likely that the Eclipse 5 has your oxygen needs covered.

As with any kind of oxygen concentrator, the Eclipse 5 works by bringing in the oxygen around you, filtering it within the machine to deliver a high oxygen purity to you through your mask or cannula. As one of the newest models by SeQual, you can count on this concentrator being dependable, and able to be used day in and day out.

Just like the previous models, it has the same great range of both continuous and pulse dose oxygen flows. The continuous flow ranges from 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 LPM, while the pulse dose can go as high as 192 ml. The size of the bolus (the puff of air delivered each time you take a breath) can be customized to best suit your oxygen delivery needs.

Aside from the adjustable bolus size, the Eclipse 5 also features an adjustable rise time. This means you can adjust the oxygen flow to increase at the rate which is most comfortable for you. Some people have a hard time growing accustomed to the force of the flow when it is first turned on.

This gradual increase in flow helps you get used to it, as it climbs to the rate at which has been prescribed to you by your doctor. This is a comfort feature which is more often found in CPAP machines, which is a machine for those with sleep apnea.

If you have an older Eclipse model with a battery leftover that is still in good working order, you can use it with your new Eclipse 5 if you decide to upgrade. SeQual knows their customers, so they know that convenience and compatibility from one older model to the newer model is a top priority.

The external side of the new batteries might be a different shade of gray than the older ones, due to the slightly different appearance of the Eclipse 5, but you can still use it as a spare battery! If you have an Eclipse 3 or older external battery charger, this will also be compatible with your new batteries.

The newer batteries can still be depended on to get you through the hours fully mobile, as long as they have been charged all the way. On a setting of 1 LPM continuous flow, you're looking at at least 3.0 hours of battery duration.

On the highest continuous flow setting of 3.0, the battery will last an average of a little over 1 hour. The great thing is, you can charge the battery while it's plugged into a wall outlet, even if you are using it at the same time. This is a must for an active lifestyle.

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