Reviews on Our Pulse Oximeters

If there's one accessory that is both overlooked and important, it's the home finger pulse oximeter. We currently offer two pulse oximeters on our website – the Nonin 9550 Pulse Oximeter and the Roscoe Medical Finger Pulse Oximeter. Whichever one you choose, you will easily be able to check your blood oxygen level at any time. This ensures your safety, because it can be one of the earliest indicators of an oncoming exacerbation.

We wanted to know what our customers thought about their pulse oximeters, and how well they have worked for them thus far. If you're not sure whether or not you should go ahead and buy one yourself, you might want to read these reviews. You can get an idea of the details of the functions, and how people have been using them in day to day life. We specifically wanted to know if our customers would recommend these pulse oximeters.

Roscoe Medical Finger Pulse Oximeter

"I was hoping this one would be sufficient, since I couldn't quite afford the other pulse oximeter in your online store. I was pleasantly surprised with how tiny and light it was, as well as how smart it is for being so little. I like that it automatically turns off after 8 seconds of not being used to save the battery. I'm very bad with leaving things on and running down batteries, so it saves me money in that respect. I recommend this anyone who needs a pulse oximeter at home, who is also on a budget." - Trisha W.

“I always use this pulse oximeter before and after I exercise, just to make sure I'm getting the right saturation and to make sure I'm not heading for any trouble. I also use one of your smallest portable oxygen concentrators while I exercise, so I wanted to make sure I was still getting what I need when I exert myself. I would definitely recommend this to someone who wants to monitor their blood oxygen level throughout the day.” - Barbara R.

Nonin 9550 Pulse Oximeter

“This little thing comes in so handy around my house, and not just for myself. My little niece has asthma and we were able to check her blood oxygen when she was having trouble breathing, and we were able to know that she needed to get the emergency room. It's nice that it can fit not only my finger, but hers as well and give an accurate reading. I was impressed with how fast it gave a reading, as well. I would definitely recommend this pulse oximeter to anyone who needs to use one at home.” - Kerri J.

“I recommend the 9550 to most of my patients who would benefit the most from a pulse oximeter at home. I tell them if they are going to get one, they should get the one that works the fastest and is the most accurate and dependable. My patients who have gotten one tell me that they called me for an appointment as soon as they saw a drop in their blood oxygen level, and it was always a subtle precursor to trouble ahead. The Nonin 9550 is the best home pulse oximeter.” - Trey B.

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