Reviews on Inogen Products

We carry many of the best brands in oxygen therapy, and Inogen is one of the most popular. Many people love Inogen products, because this brand gives you more options in battery power, with products at a high quality. It's apparent that they want to offer their customers as much convenience in oxygen therapy as possible.

We've asked our customers who have bought Inogen products what they like about them, and collected them here to help you decide if they are right for you.

Inogen One G2

“I'm so glad I upgraded from my old home concentrator to this portable one. I don't know why I didn't just get this one in the first place! I need constant oxygen, so I use it all day doing things around the house and going to the store or wherever I need to go. I also use the external battery charger to charge my other battery. It's so handy! I definitely needed it when I found out I couldn't go anywhere until my battery was fully charged and it was a big pain! I now have 2 24 cell batteries and I used to use the 12 cell. Very worth it if you ask me. Thanks for offering this wonderful machine at such a great price.” - Tammy C.

“The conservation on this portable concentrator is better than most, so I recommend to my patients who need pulse dose oxygen therapy. The great battery life is another reason this is one of my favorites, or many other portables that are pulse dose only. Portable concentrators on pulse dose naturally use less power than ones running a continuous flow.” Pat J.

Inogen One G3

“Luckily, a pulse dose setting of 4 is all I need, otherwise I would have had to go with the G2. The G2 was my second choice, but this one weighs less and I have a bad back and arthritis in my joints. It's so tiny, light and quiet, it's almost like it's not even there. Another reason I like this, is because of how long the battery lasts. All I use is an 8 cell, and it lasts me as long as I need it to. Pretty soon, I'm springing for an external charger so I can just switch out my battery and charge the other one without feeling pressured. I'm very happy with this concentrator.” Hector V.

“This was a great investment for my G3. I liked everything about my G3, except for having to carry it at my side in the carry bag that came with it. I never liked having to carry any sort of bag at my side, I always preferred backpacks, so I'm glad you offered this as an option. Now, I can go about my business without being annoyed by my oxygen concentrator at my side.” - T.J.

Inogen One G2 Cart

“I was having a hard time carrying my G2 around on my shoulders because of my bad joints, so I got the cart. I couldn't believe how light and easy to handle it is.” - Dolores P.

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